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We've gathered research and information resources to support and help guide your worksite wellness efforts. Browse our library - we hope you find it useful.

 Disease Prevention & Management

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expand Topic : Heart Health ‎(8)
expand Topic : High Blood Pressure ‎(3)
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 Getting Started

CDC Worksite Health Scorecard.pdfCDC Worksite Health Scorecard1816 KB
HealthyEating_PA_Across_Lifespan.pdfHealthyEating & PA Across Lifespan Brochure2766 KB
SMARTGoalHealthyWeightLossSheet.pdfSMARTGoal Healthy Weight Loss Sheet51 KB

 Health Reform

FightingChronicDiseasefactsheet810091.pdfFighting Chronic Disease: The Commonsense Solution for Comprehensive Health Reform103 KB
AffordableCareAct.pdfHealth  Reform/Affordable CareAct4381 KB
PremiumImpactHCR_Aetna.pdfImpact of Health Care Reform218 KB


NCStateIndicatorReport.pdf2009 CDC State Indicator Report on Fruits and Vegetables85 KB
LowerBloodPressure_DASH.pdfLowering Your Blood Pressure With DASH792 KB
LowerCholesterol_TLC.pdfLowering Your Cholesterol With TLC1559 KB
MecklenburgCountyHealthyVending.pdfMecklenburg County Healthy Vending Criteria and Implementation Plan74 KB
VendingContract.pdfModel Healthy Beverage Vending Agreement214 KB
NCFV_IndicatorReport.pdfNC DHHS News Release: North Carolinians Need to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables63 KB
SmokingPolicyCATS.pdfSmoking Policy at Transportation Center40 KB
VendingPolicy_BaldwinCA.pdfVending Policy Sample: Baldwin Park, CA37 KB
VendingPolicy_MontereyCA.pdfVending Policy Sample: Monterey County, CA29 KB
VendingPolicy_SanDiegoCA.pdfVending Policy Sample: San Diego County, CA75 KB

 Physical Activity

American Heart Association Active Life.pdfActive Life119 KB
US Dept of HHS Adult Guide to Health.pdfAdult Guide to Health789 KB
American Heart Association Choose To Move.pdfChoose to Move140 KB
US Dept HHS Exercise  Physical Activity Your Everyday Guide.pdfExercise and Physical Activity- Your Everyday Guide4679 KB
US Dept HHS Physical Actitity and Your Heart.pdfPhysical Activity and Your Heart1305 KB
US Dept HHS Physical Activity Evaluation Handbook.pdfPhysical Activity Evaluation Handbook497 KB
US Dept HHS Phys Activ Guide for Adlts.pdfPhysical Activity Guide for Adults7691 KB
American Heart Association Why Be Active.pdfWhy Be Active121 KB

 Obesity Data

ObesityonRiseCDC2009.pdfCDC New Release: Obesity Prevalence 25 Percent or Higher in 32 States33 KB
HCCostProjectionsChronic.pdfHealth-Care Cost Projections for Diabetes and other Chronic Diseases321 KB
NCObesityReportCard2008.pdfNorth Carolina Prevention Report Card 2008814 KB
BurdenofCDBusiness.pdfThe Burden of Chronic Disease on Business and US Competitiveness1202 KB
PowerofPrevention2009.pdfThe Power of Prevention: Chronic Disease . . . the Public Health Challenge of the 21st Century1919 KB
PreventionWorks.pdfThe Truth About Prevention: the Route to Better Health and Lower Cost in Health Reform1201 KB

 Return on Investment

WW ROI Goetzel.pdfHow to Get a Better Return on Your Health Care Investment100 KB


BusinessCaseCoverageTobaccoCessation.pdfBusiness Case for Coverage of Tobacco Cessation493 KB
CessationReimbursement.pdfCessation Reimbursement107 KB
ChemicalMatchSheet-TRU.pdfChemical Match Sheet - Sheet70 KB
CoverageCessationPrograms.pdfCoverage for Tobacco Use Cessation Treatments143 KB
EmployerCostCalculator.xlsEmployer Cost Calculator - Tobacco43 KB
FactSheetCoverageTobaccoCessation.pdfFact Sheet The Business Case for Coverage of Tobacco Cessation229 KB
FreedomfromSmokingOnlineBrochure.pdfFreedom from Smoking (Online Brochure)1206 KB
LegalReviewTobacco.pdfLegal Review of Tobacco-Free Policies506 KB
NC Dept of Health Smoke Free equals less ER.pdfNC Heart Attack Rates Down Since Passage of Smoke-Free Law32 KB
Quitline_Brochure.pdfNC Quit Line114 KB
RestaurantsBarsSmokeFree.pdfNC Restaurants and Bars Go Smoke-Free4148 KB
NC Smoke Free Equals Less ER Full Report.pdfNC Smoke Free Equals Less ER (Full Report)154 KB
SaveLivesSaveMoney.pdfSave Lives, Save Money - Make Your Business Smoke-Free3516 KB
TheQuitForLifeProgram.pdfThe Quit for Life Program - American Cancer Society360 KB
WorksiteTobaccoUseControlResources.pdfWorksite Tobacco Use Control Resources34 KB

 Nursing Mother

BreastfeedingToolKit.pdfBreastfeedingToolKit5105 KB
Sample Lactation Support Policy.pdfSample Lactation Support Policy171 KB


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