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Enrollment Process for MeckCARES and National Evaluation

Enrollments forms and answers to the most frequenly asked questions are provided below: 

Enrollment-Related Forms

All forms require completion with typed information in order to be processed, with the exception of required signatures, and must be submitted via fax to 704-280-8806. Forms completed by hand will not be processed. Please contact the MeckCARES Enrollment Coordinator with any questions that you may have about the enrollment process by phone at 704-432- 4592 or by email at  

Frequently Asked Questions (Download PDF version)

Who is eligible for MeckCARES enrollment?

Consumers must fit all of the following criteria to be eligible for MeckCARES enrollment:

  1. A youth age 10yrs -21yrs;
  2. who has a DSM-IV Axis I diagnosis and is receiving enhanced mental health services;
  3. and also has a functional impairment as evidenced by involvement in at least 1 of the following specialized services:
    • Special Education Program (placement or at risk of placement in 
      restrictive/alternative school settings); EC Categorized, IEP plan, etc
    • The Juvenile Justice System (having been arrested and/or have 
      active court cases),
    • Youth and Family Services/Department of Social Services (children in YFS custody);
  4. Duration or expected duration of the disability of at least one year;
  5. Placement outside the home or at risk of out-of-home placement

Who is eligible for enrolling consumers and what must they do?

The consumer’s clinical home Care Coordinator is the individual ultimately responsible for enrolling the consumer in MeckCARES. The care coordinator is responsible for submitting the complete Enrollment package to the Enrollment Coordinator, which includes the Enrollment Application, Consent Forms, and a Release of Information Form.. The Care Coordinator coordinates and ensures that the Child and Family Team (CFT) meeting takes place a minimum of once a month and is operating from a framework structured according to the Systems of Care (SOC) philosophy. In recognition of the importance of family, school, and community, they utilize the “One Child One Plan” summary form to organize the CFT ensuring the fulfillment of  their ultimate purpose, determining who will do what and by when , before the next CFT meeting; while addressing various life domains as it relates to specific strategies and action steps for individualized goals.

Care Coordinator Eligibility Criteria

  1. The successful completion of both Mecklenburg County Training Institute Child and Family Team Trainings CFT101 and CFT201
  2. Commitment to the submission of monthly reports to MeckCARES providing consumer status updates


When are consumers dis-enrolled from MeckCARES and what is the process?

Consumers are dis-enrolled at completion of services, which for the purposes of MeckCARES is defined as a consumer who no longer is receiving any mental health services. Consumers must be receiving an enhanced service in order to qualify for enrollment, but consumers who downgrade to basic benefits (i.e. outpatient services) retain their MeckCARES enrollment status regardless of a transfer to another clinical home.

  1. The identified clinical home agency (i.e. Community Support Worker, Intensive In-Home, MST Therapist, etc.) completes and forwards the dis-enrollment request form to the Enrollment Coordinator due to completion of treatment, or indicates within the monthly reports the discharge status for the consumer as completed treatment.
  2. The Enrollment Coordinator is informed that there has been a lapse in services of 90 days or more.
  3. A parent or guardian may also contact the Enrollment Coordinator directly to request a dis-enrollment in MeckCARES.

What services does MeckCARES provide?

MeckCARES is not a mental health agency that provides mental health services. MeckCARES is not a division of the Department of Juvenile Justice or the Department of Social Services.  MeckCARES is the name of Mecklenburg County’s Sysetm of Care and is also the grant initiative program which champions the following of Systems of Care philosophy and practice for how youth and families should be delivered services. MeckCARES operates within the framework of existing services, whereby System of Care values and principles facilitate collaboration among service providers, stakeholders, and community resources/natural supports via Child and Family Teams.

What resources are available to members of MeckCARES?

  • Systems of Care Coaches (SOC Coach)
  • Systems of Care Agency Liaisons
  • Systems of Care Court Liaisons
  • Systems of Care Dept. of Juvenile Justice Liaisons
  • Systems of Care Dept. of Social Services Liaisons
  • MeckCARES Community Collaborative
  • Network of Informal Supports Subcommittee
  • Mecklenburg County Training Institute and Committee
  • MeckCARES Social Marketing Committee
  • MeckCARES Outcomes and Evaluation  Committee
  • Service Gaps and Best Practices Committee
  • ParentVOICE
  • Case Consultation
  • Care Review
  • Resource Development Coordinators


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