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Irwin Creek and Stewart Creek Greenways

Irwin Creek and Stewart Creek Greenways
    - Urban Section: Connects North Sycamore, State Street and Freedom Drive
    - Irwin Creek Greenway: Remount Road to Clanton Road 

        Irwin Creek Greenway - Clanton          Urban Section of Irwin Creek Greenway

These two creeks are prominent north and west of Charlotte, through the uptown Charlotte area where they merge and continue as Irwin Creek.  Irwin Creek becomes Sugar Creek immediately north of Billy Graham Parkway.  Approximately 2.90 miles of the Irwin-Stewart Creek corridors have developed greenways.  The urban part of the system connects Wesley Heights neighborhood and Third Ward.  Plans are being developed to potentially provide an additional connector to the uptown center through the Cedar Yards rail facility.

Further south, a greenway has been constructed from the Revolution Sports and Learning Academy through the Revolution Golf Course and Clanton Road Park.  The two areas will eventually be connected as a contiguous greenway that extends from Sunset Road (Stewart Creek) and Nevin Regional Park at Old Statesville Road (Irwin Creek) south to Billy Graham Parkway where Sugar Creek begins.  Sugar Creek will continue the greenway system beyond the South Carolina state line.

Irwin Creek Greenway - Clanton

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