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Interested in Volunteering?
The PSO accepts volunteers to assist with administrative duties within their programs. If you are interested in providing these types of duties in a volunteer capacity, you may contact the Volunteer Facilitator for your area of interest to determine if there is a need at that time. If there is a need, the Volunteer Facilitator will instruct you to complete the volunteer application
  • SACOT services at the Men’s and Women’s Shelter (SACOT)
    Volunteer Facilitator: Chinita Craighead 704-816-0260
  • Substance Abuse Services Center (SASC)
    Volunteer Facilitator: Molly Wilson 704-336-5620
  • Child Development-Community Policing (CD-CP), Jail Diversion and Operation Recovery Programs
    Volunteer Facilitator: Suzanne Betts 704-336-2464
  • Children's Developmental Services (CDSA)
    Volunteer Facilitator: Tami Dietz 704-336-7157

Due to confidentiality and program integrity, volunteers are not accepted for clinical purposes.

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