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Trauma & Justice Partnerships
The PSO interfaces with various aspects of the criminal justice system through some of our consumers. To ensure successful recovery, it is imperative that we collaborate with the Court System, Public Defender’s, District Attorney’s and Sheriff’s Offices, Police, Community Corrections and the Department of Juvenile Justice. This allows us to work together to provide a continuum of services and promote a judicial understanding of the mentally ill, developmentally disabled and substance abuse population.

Child Development‐Community Policing
Following cross training, sergeant-clinician-CPS worker teams teach all officers in the district about the effects of violence on child development and when and how to make appropriate CD-CP and CPS referrals.

Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT)
This program is a pre-booking jail diversion program. CIT is a community-based collaboration between law enforcement, local National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), mental health consumers, mental health providers, community colleges and law enforcement training centers. 
Jail Diversion
This program supports local implementation and statewide expansion of trauma integrated jail diversion programs to reach the growing number of individuals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and trauma related disorders involved in the justice system with a priority eligibility for veterans. 

Operation Recovery (Jail Diversion Trauma Recovery Priority to Veterans)
This program is a SAMHSA initiative with 12 states that works to identify veterans in jail and at key entry points in the mental health and substance abuse system.

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