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Volunteer to improve our water and land


What you do can have a great impact on the environment. It's up to you whether that impact is beneficial or detrimental.

Mecklenburg County offers volunteer opportunities for citizens who want to improve the quality of our water and land.

Adopt a Stream
Walk a mile-long stream segment twice a year to locate water pollution sources.

Big Sweep
Jump in a creek or lake the last Saturday in September to remove trash, tires and other junk from our waterways.

Clean Streams, Green Lawns
Protect the water quality of our creeks and lakes while maintaining your yard's health and appearance.

Creek ReLeaf
Plant trees along streams to protect watersheds and the source of our drinking water.

Groundwater Advisory Committee
Help advise policymakers on protecting groundwater.

Groundwater Guardian
Help empower and educate your neighbors about protecting groundwater in your community.

Internship program
Gain experience and insight into the daily duties of a water quality professional. Internships are for rising juniors and seniors in high school, as well as for college students.

Storm Drain Marking
Volunteer to place markers on storm drains to discourage people from dumping.

Storm Water Advisory Committee
Take part in the storm water management and decision-making process.

Water Quality Monitoring
Volunteer to track water temperature, pH and other essential aspects of water quality. We provide training and the monitoring kit.

Water Watchers
Watch for and report pollution in our creeks, lakes or storm drains.

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