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Floodplain Maps
Floodplain Maps show areas near major creeks that have a specific risk of flooding. They are sometimes called Flood Hazard Maps.

Flood risks within the mapped floodplain are not all the same. And flooding can occur outside of the mapped floodplain.

3D Interactive Floodzone Mapping

Click on the image above to find out if your property is in a Floodzone.  Or call 704-432-RAIN.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg is now updating its floodplain maps. For the first time, the new maps show expected flood depth and flood frequency.

In areas of Charlotte-Mecklenburg where new floodplain maps are not available yet, the maps still show the regulated floodplain. The regulated floodplain is used for flood insurance purposes, as well as for additional regulations on development.

Flood Hazard maps don’t “put” people in the floodplain. Floodplain
Maps simply show that those areas that have a greater likelihood of flooding.
Floodplain are meant to store floodwater in large events.  They change
over time due to: natural & man-made changes in the watershed, advances in
technology, and climatological changes.

What are floodplains?

What are Floodplain Maps used for?

What’s the difference between a FEMA Floodplain and a Community Floodplain?

Floodplain Map areas
 House in a flood