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Is my property in a flood zone?

Find out by typing your address into the 3D Interactive Floodzone Map​.

3D Interactive Floodzone Mapping

To find your property, use the link above. Enter the address or the owner’s name or the parcel ID number in the Search box.

Or call 704-432-RAIN.

The 3D Interactive Floodzone Map shows the regulated floodplain, which is important for both:
Storm Water Services is updating floodplain maps for all of Charlotte-Mecklenburg. The remapping is being done in phases and will take several years. Throughout the remapping and approval process, the 3D Interactive Floodzone Map is accurate for the entire county.

More than just "in or out" of the floodzone

Where new mapping data is available, the 3D Interactive Floodzone Map shows additional information such as
• expected depth of floodwater and
• annual chance of flooding.

3D Interactive Floodzone Mapping
As floodplain maps are updated for more of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, the new data will be shown on the 3D Floodzone Map.

Extra colors give you extra information
If the 3D Floodzone Map comes up in red and yellow, the new mapping data is available for that watershed. If the map is in blue and gray, the map is accurate but does not yet show flood depths or the property’s chance of flooding in any given year.

Floodzone maps don't tell the whole story
Floodplain maps only show certain types of flood risk. The maps show flood risk for land along major creeks that has at least a one percent chance of flooding in any year. Flooding can and does happen outside of mapped floodplains, such as in low-lying areas.

Remember: anywhere it rains, it can flood.

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