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Preventing Pollution


Storm drain with leaves and trash The only thing that is supposed to go down a storm drain is rain.

However, every cigarette butt, drop of oil or spilled chemical you see on the street will eventually wind up going down a storm drain and into a nearby creek. And that will eventually flow into a source of drinking water.



Your Yard:
Leaves or grass clippings
Eroded soil
Rain Barrels
Wise use of pesticides/fertilizers
Alternatives to chemicals
Invasive plants
Clean Streams Workshops
Scoop the Poop
Home & Garage:
Soap suds/cleaning products
Common products with hazardous chemicals
Cooking grease
Used oil/auto fluids
Car Washing
Businesses can have a
huge impact on local
water quality.

Get helpful information for different types of businesses.


Pollution Prevention Fact Sheet

Video about pollution prevention 

List of businesses that accept used oil 

Locations of Recycling Centers 

Clean Streams workshops 

Report storm water pollution

For more information on preventing water pollution, contact:

Senior Water Quality Specialist Craig Miller at 704-336-7605
or Senior Environmental Specialist David Caldwell​ at 980-314-3218.