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Each year, CLT contributes nearly $10 billion to the local economy. The Airport continues to build for the future through the CLT 2015 expansion project.

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The following is a summary of the advertisement and does not reflect all necessary information.

It does not relieve prospective bidders and proposers of their obligation to review all of the solicitation documents associated with each advertisement. Failure to review and comply with all solicitation documents may result in rejection of prospective bids or proposals.

The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids and proposals. 

Request for Proposals: Airport CityWorks Implementation, Addendum 1 – 4/23/2014

Request for Qualifications: Communication Infrastructure Design Services, Addendum 1 – 4/23/2014

Request for Proposals: Baggage Handling Systems Operations and Maintenance Contract, Addendum 1, Addendum 2 and Addendum 3 – 4/17/2014

Invitation to Bid: Concourse E Lower Level Base Building (Re-Advertisement) – 4/10/2014

Request for Proposals: On-site Vehicle & Equipment Parts Supply and Management Services – 4/8/2014

Invitation to Bid: Cutaway and Low Floor Style Shuttle Buses, Addendum 1 – 3/28/2014

Invitation to Bid: Little Rock Road Extension – 3/24/2014

Request for Proposals: Consolidated Rental Car Facility Management Agreement, Addendum 1 and Addendum 2 – 3/17/2014

Invitation to Bid: Long Term Parking Lot Improvements – 3/14/2014

Invitation to Bid: Air Filtration Products and Service, Bid Tabulations – 2/18/2014

Request for Proposals: Parking and Valet Services, Addendum 1, Addendum 2, PreProposal Sign Up Sheet, Addendum 3, Addendum 4 and Addendum 5– 1/24/2014

Request for Qualifications: Part 150 Noise Exposure Map Update, Addendum 1 – 1/14/2014

Request for Proposals:  Computerized Parking Valet System, Addendum 1, Addendum 2 and Addendum 3 and map – 12/19/2013

Request for Qualifications: Real Estate Appraisal and Review Appraisal Services – 12/9/2013

Request for Proposals: Passenger Boarding Bridge Maintenance, Addendum 1 and Addendum 2 – 11/25/2013

Request for Proposals: Aviation Channeling Services, Addendum 1 – 11/4/2013

Request for Proposals: Internet Service Provider Services: Addendum 1 – 10/8/2013

Request for Expression of Interest: Sustainable Bus Shelter Components for 2013 Pilot Project – 10/4/2013

Request for Proposals: Indoor Plant Maintenance Services – 9/24/2013

Request for Proposal Criteria: Project Management and Consultation Assistance for the Land Acquisition Program, Addendum 1, Addendum 2 and Addendum 3 (Q/A) – 7/17/2013

Invitation to Bid: Mercedes-Benz Mini Bus – 6/6/2013

Invitation to Bid: Airport Executive Shuttle Buses – 5/16/2013

Bid Tabulations: Elevator, Escalator, Moving Walk System Services – 5/16/2013

Invitation to Bid: Annual Inspection and Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers – 4/9/2013

Request for Proposals: Personnel Staffing for Parking and Taxi Operations: Addendum 1, Addendum 2 and Addendum 3 – 4/5/2013

Request for Proposals: Terrazzo Floor Maintenance Services: Addendum 1 – 4/3/2013

Bid Tabulations: CLT Recycling Center Cover Foundation – 3/28/2013

Request for Proposals: Commercial Advertising Concessions, Addendum 1Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting Sign In Sheet, Addendum 2, Addendum 3, Addendum 4, Addendum 5 (Updated), Addendum 6Addendum 7 and Addendum 8 – 3/19/2013

Bid Tabulations: Landscape Maintenance Services: Zones 2, 7 and 8 – 2/4/2013

Bid Tabulations: Landscape Maintenance Services: Zone 1 – 2/4/2013