Neighborhood Task Force


In 1989, CLT's Airport Advisory Committee established the Neighborhood Task Force (NTF) in order to link directly surrounding communities. The Task Force consists of those living in neighborhoods closest to the Airport's runways. The 16-member group meets regularly in an effort to keep nearby residents informed about Airport issues and voice neighborhood concerns.

Click here to view the 2013 NTF Meeting Schedule.

For more information, contact Airport Public Affairs at 704-359-4000.

Neighborhood Task Force Members

  • Paul Bell
  • Tim Gilbert
  • Archie L. Hargett
  • Dean Haskett
  • Jerry Hunter
  • George Kuebler


  • Rick McCombs
  • Marie Ryberg
  • William Shaw Jr.
  • Ronald Sills
  • Katie Simmons
  • Debbie Sutton
  • Carol Taylor