Passengers Give CLT High Scores 2013 Survey Results Released

​Nine out of ten passengers who visited the Airport last year rated their overall experience at CLT as highly satisfactory, according to a recent survey by Phoenix Marketing International (PMI). The 10-to-15 minute survey, conducted throughout 2013, asked 450 passengers about all aspects of their trip from start to finish.
Results also showed nine out of ten passengers were pleased with their check-in experience and CLT’s terminal facilities. Within those categories, travelers gave the highest scores to the condition/cleanliness of areas within the terminal building, wayfinding and courtesy/helpfulness of staff.
Eight out of ten passengers were impressed by service at the security checkpoints, CLT’s concessions and the ease of entering and exiting the terminal.
Overall, Charlotte Douglas received among the highest scores throughout the questionnaire for airports surveyed by PMI.
Passenger surveys have been conducted regularly at CLT in an effort to identify areas in need of enhancement. Staff reviews results and suggests improvements as needed.
The Aviation Department contracted with Phoenix Marketing International, a marketing research group based in New York, in the summer of 2008 to develop and implement a customized passenger survey. The company works with several other airports in the country, as well as various destinations, attractions and hotel chains.