Airport to Invest in Improvements

Charlotte Douglas is making improvements to its free WiFi service and installing LED lights on the Airport’s new entrance road in an effort to enhance customer service and further evolve its sustainability program. Charlotte City Council approved the two actions on Monday, October 28, as referenced in a statement the Mayor sent out last night. 
CLT began offering free internet access to passengers in 2006. Since then, demand has increased from various devices. CLT plans to expand its WiFi capacity from 100 MB to 1,000 MB (one gigabyte) by the end of this year. The expansion is expected to improve the Airport’s WiFi speed and increase its reliability for passengers. The estimated cost for the three year service provided by AT&T is $190,022. 
Charlotte Douglas is also planning to install 52 light poles equipped with energy-efficient LED lights along CLT’s new entrance road by spring 2014. White light emitted from LEDs offer better visibility for drivers and use less energy. The new light fixtures will be approximately 140-watts compared to traditional 400-watt HPS lights. The cost is approximately $211,000.
LED lighting has already been installed along the Airport's upper and lower level curbsides, in Long Term Parking Lot 4 and near the Queen Charlotte statue as part of Charlotte Regional Partnership’s Energy Efficient Lighting Pilot Project.   
The Airport’s new entrance road will open in fall 2014. It will improve connections from Wilkinson Boulevard and Josh Birmingham Parkway to the terminal. An inbound lane on Josh Birmingham Parkway to the terminal, however, could open in December, creating a more direct path to the Airport.
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