Airport Receives High Marks on Passenger Survey

Ninety-three percent of travelers who visited the Airport in 2011 found their overall experience at CLT highly satisfactory, according to a recent passenger survey.

Using a random approach, 400 passengers were asked to participate in a 10 to 15-minute survey, which evaluated all aspects of their trip from start to finish. When asked to rate their overall experience at the Airport on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest, 93 percent of passengers scored CLT highly satisfactory. Within individual categories, Charlotte Douglas received its highest overall approval marks in check-in experience (91 percent) and baggage delivery (88 percent). Results also revealed passengers were particularly pleased with the ease of finding security checkpoint locations, personal safety in the terminal and condition/cleanliness of the terminal building and its retail stores.

Passenger surveys have been conducted regularly in an effort to identify areas in need of enhancement; in some cases the results have validated improvements that were made throughout the terminal. Passengers requested additional charging stations, shorter wait times at security checkpoints, more Flight Information Display System (FIDS) monitors and Baggage Claim renovations.

Many of those improvements are already underway and some have been completed. Work is currently in progress to place more charging stations near the gate areas. In June, CLT will add a fifth security checkpoint with five lanes as part of the 60,000-square foot eastside terminal expansion. More than 200 new Flight Information Display System monitors have been installed throughout the Airport since 2009, and Baggage Claim renovations wrapped up in February.

The Aviation Department has contracted with Phoenix Marketing International (PMI), a marketing research group based in New York, since the summer of 2008 to develop and implement a customized passenger survey. PMI works with several other airports in the country, as well as airlines and the TSA.