DNC Media Information


The newsroom page is your one-stop location for CLT Airport media updates and information.

Media inquiries
  • Airport primary contact:  Media Hotline:  704-359-4933
  • Airport secondary contact:  email:  media@cltairport.com
Please note: Emails or phone messages left at contacts other than the Media Hotline (704-359-4933) or media@cltairport.com will delay response or assistance.

Media Access
  • Media is allowed access to the public areas of the terminal. The public areas are the Departures/Ticketing lobby (upper level) and the Arrivals/Baggage lobby (lower level). More details can be found at the media protocol area of cltairport.com.
  • While filming and conducting interviews at CLT, all media representatives are required to wear credentials. Media must also avoid staging crews in the way of passenger or vehicle traffic and in airline operational areas. Filming is permitted in the terminal lobbies.
  • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is responsible for operating security screening checkpoints. Filming at screening checkpoints is limited to the public areas prior to the checkpoints. TSA policy states that security monitors cannot be filmed.

Media Updates during the DNC
  • Daily updates will be emailed and posted on the newsroom Saturday, September 1 – Monday, September 3. We anticipate a morning, an afternoon and an evening update in coordination with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Joint Information Center at dncinfo.charlottenc.gov. Additional updates will be communicated as the situation requires.
  • No press briefings are currently planned by the Aviation Department. Interview requests must be made through the media hotline. The Aviation Director’s schedule will determine availability.

Media Parking during the DNC

The Airport is implementing alternate traffic routes on Saturday, September 1 – Monday, September 3. Please note the following:
  • Effective September 1, 2 and 3 – Media will not be allowed to park in the commercial parking lane.
  • September 1, 2 and 3 – Media Parking will be temporarily relocated to the Cell Phone Lot on Rental Car Road. This location has been tested and approved for both satellite and microwave signals. 
  • To access the terminal, walk on the sidewalk across the street (see map). The sidewalk takes you to the lower level of the terminal building. 
  • If a member of the media drives a personal car, you may park in the Hourly Deck, based on parking availability. Please note the Hourly parking rates ($17 per day). If you drive a personal car and  plan to park in the temporary Media Parking location at the Cell Phone Lot, please place the appropriate placard with company logo on the dashboard of your vehicle. You will also need to display your media credentials.
  • Media will need to wear news credentials in the temporary media parking location (Cell Phone Lot).