CLT Reopens Center Runway 18C/36C

The Airport reopened its center runway, 18C/36C, Monday, October 24 after being closed on August 15 for a 70-day reconstruction project.  Crews removed pavement from the middle section of the runway and replaced it with new concrete – 18 inches deep.  Hi-Way Paving, the contractor, increased its work hours to meet the October 24 deadline.


As part of CLT’s sustainability efforts, the old concrete was crushed and reused.  The overall project required repaving more than 165,000 square yards, including adjoining taxiways.  


Other improvements included replacing the runway’s incandescent lights with 378 LED lights, which are brighter, require less maintenance and use 60 percent less power.  Annual savings for the Airport is estimated at over $65,000.  They are the first LED lights installed on a CLT runway.


Runway 18C/36C is a 32-year old concrete runway that opened in 1979.  Typical useful life for concrete is 25-30 years.  The $26.5 million project is funded through General Airport Revenue Bonds.

  Crews put the finishing touches on newly poured concrete.

           Crews put the finishing touches
           on newly poured concrete.




        Dowel baskets have been set in place in preparation for paving.

           Dowel baskets have been set in place
           in preparation for paving.