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The Office of the City Attorney

The Office of the City Attorney provides legal advice and representation to the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, and other City officials and employees on a broad range of issues. The Office represents the City, including its officials and employees, in litigation filed by or against them. Upon request, the Office provides legal opinions to City officials and employees on City-related matters.

All ordinances and resolutions adopted by the City Council are drafted or reviewed by the City Attorney or a member of his staff. Contracts, leases, deeds, franchises and other legal documents to which the City is a party are also reviewed or drafted by the Office. In addition, the City Attorney is involved in selecting and managing the services of outside counsel who represent the City, its officials and employees on City-related matters.

The City Attorney is appointed by and reports to the City Council. The Office also includes additional attorneys and support staff. Municipal law, as practiced by the attorneys in the Office, involves traditional topics of local government law, such as public finance, land use, public records, tax, open meetings and condemnation. Attorneys in the Office practice law in a number of other areas including litigation in all State and Federal courts, torts, contracts, real estate, employment, environmental, construction, administrative and constitutional law.

The Office of the City Attorney only represents the City of Charlotte, and its agencies, officials and employees, on matters of public business. The Office cannot provide legal advice or representation to citizens on any matter. Citizens seeking legal advice or representation must consult an attorney in private practice.

The Office does not refer citizens to private attorneys. The Office does not prosecute violations of State or Federal law or City ordinances. Generally, the Mecklenburg County District Attorney handles local criminal prosecutions involving State law and City ordinances. Generally, the United States Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina handles local criminal prosecutions involving Federal law.

The Office of the City Attorney is committed to providing the City and its public officials and employees with cost effective legal services of the highest quality.


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