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FY2014 & FY2015 Preliminary Strategic Operating Plan

Note: Budget Documents are in PDF Format | Download Entire FY2014 & FY2015 Preliminary Strategic Operating Plan (17 MB, pdf)

Reader’s Guide
Budget Process
Manager’s Transmittal Letter
Executive Summary 
            Organizational Chart


            Council Focus Areas

            General Fund Overview

            General Fund Budget Decreases and Increases

            Financial Partners

            Employee Compensation

            General Fund Revenues

            Non-General Fund Summary

            Enterprise Funds

            Other Operating Funds

            Capital Investment Plan Summary

            Summary of Expenditures

            Summary of Position Allocations

            City Profile

       Corporate Objectives
       Community Safety Focus Area Plan
       Housing and Neighborhood Development Focus Area Plan
       Environment Focus Area Plan
       Transportation Focus Area Plan
 Economic Development Focus Area Plan
Operating Budgets
General Fund Operation
       Solid Waste Services
       Neighborhood & Business Services
       Engineering & Property Management
       Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning
      Enterprise Operations
       Charlotte Area Transit System
       Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department
      Support Departments
 Mayor and City Council
 City Attorney
 City Clerk
 City Manager
 Budget & Evaluation
 Shared Services
 Human Resources
 Non-Departmental Accounts
 General Fund Financial Partners
 Housing Related, After School Enrichment, Crisis Assistance
 and Community Development Partners
 Municipal Service District
 Synthetic Tax Increment Grants
Summary Statistics and Schedules
 City-wide Summary of Tax Levies
 Summary of Position Allocations
 Summary of Expenditures
General Fund
 Summary of Expenditures
 Summary of Revenues
 Summary of Revenues and Expenditures
Water and Sewer Fund
 Summary of Revenues and Expenditures
Charlotte Area Transit System Fund
 Summary of Revenues and Expenditures
Storm Water Fund
 Summary of Revenues and Expenditures
Debt Service
 Municipal Debt Service Fund
 Aviation Debt Service Funds-Consolidated
 Consolidated Water and Sewer Debt Service Funds
 CATS Debt Service Fund
 Storm Water Debt Service Fund
 Convention Center Debt Service Fund
 Hall of Fame Debt Service Fund
 Cultural Facilities Debt Service Fund
Other Funds
 Powell Bill Fund
 Convention Center Tax Fund
 Hall of Fame Tax Fund
 Public Safety Grants Fund
 Public Safety 911 Services Fund
 Neighborhood & Business Services Consolidated Grants Fund
 Consolidated Municipal Service Districts
 Risk Management Fund
 Tourism Operating Fund
Capital Investment Plan
Key Terms