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Arrest made in sexual assault cold cases

Monday, June 23, 2014

Contact: Rob Tufano, CMPD Public Affairs Office


On Wednesday, June 12, 2014, Ricky Lee Grier, DOB: 01/31/1966, pled guilty to two counts of 1st Degree Sexual Assault and was sentenced to 15 year sentence pursuant to the plea agreement.
Mr. Grier was already serving a life sentence for a sexual assault incident that occurred on May 25, 1993, at the 2200 block of Statesville Avenue.  On this date, Mr. Grier broke into a female victim’s residence and sexually assaulted her at gunpoint. Officers responded to the residence and took Mr. Grier into custody before he was able to flee the scene.  (Incident Report: 19930525040400)
Through information and evidence gathered, the CMPD’s Sexual Assault Cold Case Unit determined that Mr. Grier was involved in two additional sexual assault cases.
On February 23, 1993, at approximately 12:20 a.m., a female victim and her roommate left their apartment at the 500 block of N. Graham Street and were getting into the roommate’s vehicle.  Once in the vehicle, the roommate reached across to unlock the door for the victim when the suspect, identified as Mr. Grier, ran up to the passenger side and abducted the victim at gunpoint. Mr. Grier was wearing a ski mask. The roommate drove off to find help.  Mr. Grier then forced the victim under a nearby bridge where he robbed and sexually assaulted the victim.  Once Mr. Grier fled the victim was able to make contact with police. (Incident Report: 930223003404)
On May 20, 1993, at approximately 9:35 p.m., at the 700 block of Poplar Street, a female victim went to lock her door after a neighbor had left.  Mr. Grier then climbed in through a window and confronted the victim in her residence with a knife.  Mr. Grier forced her to drive him to a teller and withdraw money. They then returned and the suspect forced her back inside the house and sexually assaulted her. He told her to count to fifty as he fled the house.  (Incident Report: 930520235400)
Since the formation of the Sexual Assault Cold Case Unit, it has reviewed over two thousand cold cases for solvability factors and clearance potential. The unit has cleared over 140 cases by arrest or exceptional means.