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CMPD Lieutenant receives Life Saving Award

March 17, 2014
Contact: Rob Tufano, CMPD Public Affairs Office


               Lieutenant Nathan D. King
                         South Division


  On March 6, 2014, South Division Lieutenant Nathan D. King observed a vehicle rapidly approach and then stop abruptly in the street. A woman exited the vehicle and ran towards Lt. King’s patrol car. The woman held in her arms the lifeless body of her six month old baby girl, Lilly, who was unresponsive. The woman pleaded with Lt. King to escort her to the hospital stating that while feeding her daughter it appeared she may have had a seizure.
       Lt. King quickly assessed the situation and determined that the child’s airway was blocked. Lt. King took the child from the mother and began to administer CPR on the child by giving a series of back blows with the pummel of his hand, alternating with chest compressions with his two fingers. As a result of this effort the obstruction in the child’s throat was dislodged and she began breathing on her own again.
     By the time MEDIC was on the scene Lilly was breathing on her own and although scared appeared to be unharmed. MEDIC transported Lilly to CMC Main where she was examined by the on call physician who determined that she had not sustained any permanent injury and would make a full recovery.
  Doctors praised the efforts of Lt. King and stated that without performing the life sustaining CPR when he did, Lilly would have certainly died before the mother could have gotten her to the hospital.
  Lt. King’s performance was exemplary and highly deserving of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Life Saving Award.