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CMPD Parking Lot Holiday Safety Tips


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Contact: Rob Tufano, CMPD Public Affairs Office



The two types of crimes occurring most frequently in parking facilities during the holiday season are thefts and crimes against persons.  While these dangers can never be completely eliminated, the opportunity for such crimes can be significantly reduced by developing good security habits.
Here are a few tips about safety in parking lots and parking garages:
·         Hide or remove your valuables when leaving your car.
·         Park close to your destination, even if it means waiting for a space to become free.
·         At night, try to park under a street light.
·         Leave your engine running until you've gathered everything and you're ready to get out of the car. Check your surroundings to make sure its safe before you get out of the car.
·         When possible, back into parking spaces, it's a good way to park, because it means you can leave quickly if needed.
·         When you're walking back to your car, keep your keys in hand, so you can get into the car quickly or use them as a weapon.
·         Always take the most brightly lit path to and from your car.
·         As you approach your vehicle, check the front and back seats to make sure no one is hiding inside.
·         Place your purse/handbag in the floor of the vehicle, instead of the seat, before emptying your shopping cart. Do not be a distracted shopper.
·         After loading your vehicle, merchandise or children, lock your doors once you get inside the car before starting the engine.
·         If someone suspicious approaches you, honk your horn and flash the lights to draw attention.
·         Trust your instinct, if you sense danger when you are parking or coming back to your car, leave the area until you're sure it is secure.
·         Ask security to walk you to your car if you feel you are not safe.
·         Get in the habit of rolling up your car windows and locking your car doors.
·         Keep all doors locked while pumping gas into vehicle.