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Citizens Academy

The Community Outreach Workshop Series takes you "behind the badge" to learn about the many aspects of law enforcement. Whether you attend the quarterly half-day sessions or the 10-week Citizen's Academy experience, our goal is to provide citizens with open discussion and hands-on activities that foster better understanding of how the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department works with the community.

As a "cadet," you will participate in various activities that will enable you to better understand the job of police officers, learn about community policing and how you can get involved, help your community better address safety issues, and take part in demonstrations and activities for hands-on experience.
Download an Application to the Citizens Academy
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Each Citizen's Academy contains a target group of about 35 participants. These individuals are selected from all areas of Mecklenburg County, and efforts are made to include members of the business and religious communities, as well as, local community leaders, elected officials, media representatives and the like.

Each Citizens Academy Registration  is reviewed by departmental personnel, and each applicant is subject to a general background check. Final selection of participants rests with the Chief of Police.