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Become a Police Officer
The process to become a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer is challenging.  There are a lot of different things that a successful applicant must complete before he or she is invited to become a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Recruit. 
Follow these steps.  As you read, click on the different links in each step to learn more detail about that step.  As always, please contact a member of the Recruitment Staff if you have questions. 
Active Duty Military Personnel:  Learn about Military Recruitment and Military Testing Locations!
Current Certified Law Enforcement Officers:  Learn about the CMPD's Lateral Entry Program!
Step One:  Download and READ the following information from this web site:  Frequently Asked Questions, Physical Ability Test (JRPAT) and Waiver & Release Form and Directions to the Academy.
Step Two:  You must read and sign the  Waiver &  Release Form  BEFORE you can sign up to take the Written Test and the JRPAT. 
Step Three: Practice, practice, practice for the JRPAT.  Visit this page to learn how to set the test up anywhere and how to practice for the different sections of the test. 
Step Four: Gather necessary documents that you will need if you apply.
Step Five: When you're ready to take the tests, choose a test date and call us at 704-432-1603 locally or 1-877-525-6145 to sign up.
Step Six: Show up on your appointed day and pass the test!  IMPORTANT:You must show up on your scheduled test date.  If you cannot make the appointment, please call to cancel to avoid being disqualified from re-applying for a full year. 
Step Seven: When you pass the DELPOE Written Exam and the JRPAT, you will receive  instructions, by e-mail, to complete the application on-line.  You may elect to receive an application through regular mail, if you prefer.
Step Eight: Complete the application. Make sure you read everything carefully. Complete every item. Return it to the CMPD Recruitment Unit with the required documents.
Step Nine: Review of your application.  If you have not heard from an Academy staff member after two weeks, call us to inquire about the status of your application.
Step Ten: Once accepted, you will complete:
  • A recorded oral interview
  • Polygraph Exam
  • Psychological testing

Out-of state applicants may have appointments set within a one to two day period.  You must satisfactorily pass the interview portion of the process before continuing on to the polygraph and psychological tests.

Step Eleven: We will:
  • Conduct your background investigation
  • Contact your references
  • Assemble a background summary to be reviewed by a CMPD Chain of Command

Final candidates' background summaries will be presented to the Civil Service Board for final approval for hire. During this time, you may be scheduled to take an extensive medical exam and drug screen.

Step Twelve: Once you have successfully progressed through the steps, you will be scheduled for the appropriate recruit training class.  Welcome to the CMPD!
Learn about Recruit Training!