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Bike Patrol Course
Bike Patrol History
The bicycle has been around in more or less the same form since the late 1800's. Surprisingly, police have been utilizing this mode of transportation since shortly after it's inception.  Whether it be for chasing down reckless carriage drivers in New York City for Theodore Roosevelt, or making a felony drug bust in Charlotte, North Carolina, the bicycle has an important impact on police work.

In 1991, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department began its Bike Patrol program in the uptown area. Beginning with just two officers, the Bike Patrol has grown to over 200 full time officers and community coordinators throughout different districts of the city. The success of the CMPD Bike Patrol is due largely to the department's emphasis on Community Policing and its impact on the community.

As the program grew, officer training became an issue. In 1995 the CMPD chose the Law Enforcement Bicycle Association ( L.E.B.A.) as its source for Bike Patrol training. The Law Enforcement Bicycle Association provides the best training in every phase of bike patrol procedures. All instructors are actively involved in bike patrol schools throughout the year, both in-service and regional. More information on the Bike Patrol schools or upcoming training dates are listed below.
Policing By Mountain Bike Training Course
The Class "A" Course Description and Requirements are as follows:


Student Prerequisites:
All students enrolled must be certified Police Officers, Deputy Sheriff's, Military Police Personnel or Reserve Police Officers certified by their agency or State/Provincial Governments to enforce laws and act with Police powers.


Course Criteria:
Class "A" certification will only be granted if a minimum of 40 hours, or five consecutive days of mountain bike training covering the following areas listed below. Students must successfully pass those areas based on written and practical examinations.

  • Cardiovascular fitness for the officer including target heart rate.
  • Nutrition for the mountain bike officer.
  • Saddle injuries.
  • Knee injuries.
  • Hand injuries.
  • Foot injuries.
  • Stretching.
  • Slow speed balance drills.
  • Hypothermia and dehydration.
  • Effective cycling lecture and video.
  • Training rides (minimum of 4).
  • Accident prevention for the mountain bike officer.
  • Proper bicycle fit, bicycle accessories and equipment.
  • Safety equipment and uniforms.
  • Traffic enforcement and video.
  • Emergency braking.
  • Police technical skills, Cross over drills, cross over exit, cross over take down, power slide exit and dangers, push off cross over, kickstand exit, and look over drill.
  • Gears and cadence.
  • LEBA Tactical firearms training course (LEBATFTC).
  • LEBA written examination consisting of a minimum of 25 questions.
    Students must pass the written examination by a score of 70%. Practical exercises must be successfully performed and passed to the satisfaction of the instructor(s) teaching the course. Students must be able to successfully "Exit" the mountain bike safely and quickly, must be able to demonstrate a full emergency braking using the front brake only, the rear brake only and both brakes, must demonstrate a safe and quick simulated arrest of a suspect on foot and must complete training rides, effective cycling techniques and firearms to pass this course.
  • Law Enforcement Bicycle Training Standards, 1993

Course fees are $150. The fees include a manual, certificate, L.E.B.A. pin, supplies, prizes and more.

Advanced Policing By Mountain Bike Training Course

  • This is a 40 hour course designed specifically for bicycle officers wanting to improve their mountain biking skills beyond the basic level. The course description is as follows:
    • Advanced Firearms Course
    • Tactical Skills Refresher
    • Bicycle Officer Safety
    • Drug Interdiction
    • Bicycle Maintenance
    • Off Road Riding

Advanced Classes

  • No Advanced Courses have been scheduled at this time.

Course fees $75. The fees include a manual, certificate, supplies, prizes and more.
For course information please call the Academy staff.

We will also be doing "C" Schools for Fire, Medic and Security. Please call for information.

For course information please contact the Academy staff.
Bicycle Maintenance Course

The Bicycle Maintenance course is a hands-on experience designed to provide each student with the personal skills needed to service the mechanical systems on most quality Police Mountain Bicycles. Each student will ( with close supervision ) completely disassemble and rebuild their bicycle from the bare frame, up to a ready to ride bike. See for the full scoop flyer

Bike Maintenance Classes

All Monday and Tuesdays

  • Apr 4-5
  • June 6-7
  • Aug 8-9
  • Oct 3-4