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Firearms Training
The Firearms Range had it's modest beginnings back in 1976 as a 6 lane outdoor range. In 1986 we added the current 14 lane "turning target" configuration. Since that time the range grounds have grown to include a variety of training facilities.

Since that time the range grounds have grown to include a variety of training facilities. The facility is staffed by one Sergeant and two officers, each of which is a state certified Firearms Instructor. The following is a list of our current range configuration:

Primary Handgun Range : 25 yard,14 lane range with pneumatic target turning system and full range house.

Secondary Handgun Range:
50 yard, 6 lane range with target turning system and moveable barricades.

Rifle Range: 200 yard, open field range.

Live-Fire Shoothouse: A 40' by 80' building designed to withstand the rigors of live-fire tactical training.

FireArms Training Simulator: 
State of the art laser training system which allows officers to make split second use of force decisions.

Skeet Shooting Trap:
A Remington Trap bunker allows officer to practice shooting a shotgun at moving targets.

Classroom Facility:
A modular classroom used for lecture, video presentations, and briefing.
Lethal force training is an integral part of any law enforcement curriculum. This training consists of a great deal more than just shooting at targets on the range. Firearms training requires instruction on a number of levels including making decisions in shoot / don't shoot situations, legal responsibilities of police officers, weapon retention techniques, proper weapon maintenance as well as the art of drawing and firing.

The CMPD Firearms Range is the premier facility in the region, and is therefore used by numerous other agencies. Some of the agencies that utilize our range for qualification and practice include the FBI, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Probation / Parole, INS, Postal Service, Army and Air National Guard.