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Handgun Range
Our Handgun Range, built in 1986, is where most of our firearms training occurs. It is a fourteen lane, 25 yard range with a pneumatic target turning system. The range is bordered on four sides by 20 foot beams, and has a range house which overlooks the course. The lanes are concrete, and it has fixed barricades at the 25 yard line.

The officers of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department provided the labor to construct and improve this facility.

The State of North Carolina mandates that every sworn officer qualify with their service weapon twice a year, once during the daytime and once at night. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department requires an additional session of daytime shooting and nighttime shooting on top. This puts our officers on the range at least once per quarter. This accounts for the more than 400 live-fire sessions that are conducted annually. In addition to this, officers are given the opportunity to participate in open-range time once a month. This time can be spent practicing with a service weapon, or practicing / qualifying with an off-duty weapon.

The handgun range also has metal knockdown plates, and metal knockdown silhouettes that are used for both handgun and shotgun training. A moving target system was put in a few years ago as well.

The facility houses a secondary 50 yard range, which is outfitted with a turning target system. This range has 6 lanes, and move- able barricades for more diversified training.