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Training Curriculum
The Training curriculum our officers undergo prepare them for the obstacles this job throws at them. A few topics include: 
In Service Training
The In-Service Training Division is responsible for the development and instruction of courses provided for Charlotte-Mecklenburg police employees, both sworn and civilian. On occasion, officers and agents from nearby local, state, federal agencies attend courses here as well. The In-Service Training Staff consists of a Sergeant, eight officers and one administrative assistant. The Training Academy also draws on a large bank of instructors assigned in various divisions throughout the department. 


Physical Training

Physical training is an integral part of our BLET program. The recruits participate in one hour of formal physical fitness training up to five days a week throughout the duration of the course. Activities include running, calisthenics, weight training and job related tasks. There are six state certified P.T. instructors on staff at the Training Academy.

Bike Patrol Course
In 1991, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department began its Bike Patrol program in the uptown area. Beginning with just two officers, the Bike Patrol has grown to over 200 full time officers and community coordinators throughout different districts of the city. The success of the CMPD Bike Patrol is due largely to the department's emphasis on Community Policing and its impact on the community.

Firearms Training
The Firearms Range had it's modest beginnings back in 1976 as a 6 lane outdoor range. In 1986 we added the current 14 lane "turning target" configuration. Since that time the range grounds have grown to include a variety of training facilities.

Firearms Training Simulator
The F.A.T.S. is an interactive system that enables officers to make "shoot - don't shoot" decisions and review the results in a controlled training environment. This device allows officer the opportunity to practice their verbal direction, use of cover, weapon handling, and observation skills while in the presence of a state certified Firearms Instructor. Once the exercise is complete, the officer given feedback on his or her judgment, timing, and shot placement.

Handgun Range
Our Handgun Range, built in 1986, is where most of our firearms training occurs. It is a fourteen lane, 25 yard range with a pneumatic target turning system. The range is bordered on four sides by 20 foot beams, and has a range house which overlooks the course. The lanes are concrete, and it has fixed barricades at the 25 yard line.

During the summer of 1996 the members of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police S.W.A.T. team designed and constructed a live-fire shoot house on the firearms range grounds. The purpose of this facility is to enable tactical officers to use live rounds while training in a dynamic setting. This open-roofed building is constructed in such a fashion as to prevent the penetration of rounds through the interior and exterior walls or doors.

Law Enforcement has unique needs, and typically uses a combination of off-the-shelf software, and custom built programs to fulfill those needs. The CMPD Training Academy has designated Technology Training Coordinator who is responsible for the curriculum development, and research into new and innovative ways to use technology in law enforcement.