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Technical Training
The CMPD strives to offer the best training available to our employees, training that enables our employees to to their job in the most efficient manner possible. We use our own employees to train other employees in the use of technology in law enforcement. This approach ensures that the needs of the end users are met.

Law Enforcement has unique needs, and typically uses a combination of off-the-shelf software, and custom built programs to fulfill those needs. The CMPD Training Academy has designated Technology Training Coordinator who is responsible for the curriculum development, and research into new and innovative ways to use technology in law enforcement.

Technology Training Lab
The CMPD has a technology lab which facilitates the training needs in this area. Keeping pace with the computer-age, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Training Academy created an on-site Technology Lab. This lab is used to teach police recruits, officers, and civilians the ins and outs of computer operating systems, commercial applications, and software designed specifically for law enforcement.

The CMPD Training Academy is responsible for coordinating the technology training for the 1600 members of the CMPD. The CMPD has adopted a 40 hour a year Curriculum Based Training requirement for every employee within the CMPD. Part of this requirement is fulfilled through computer training.

Technology Training has a unique place within the CMPD. Law Enforcement is a 24 hour operation with no holidays or days off. Traditional training delivery methods creates a "Delay" in migrating users to new applications or systems. This delay has some users using new technology while others are not. The CMPD has adopted a technology training philosophy where we train up to 100 employees in a sequence. At the end of a training cycle everyone in a specific district will be "Up and Running" on the new application or system.

This philosophy follows strict guidelines, and more important it increases officer safety. By having everyone who works together to train together. This keeps two or three at a time from getting something new, and having no access to other personnel within their workgroup. When officers rely on technology to do their jobs it is imperative for them to be able to do it safely. Not having everyone within a workgroup come "On-Line" together may increase the risk for officer safety issues.

All other users within the CMPD attend training through traditional means. They sign-up for a day and time which meets their schedule.

Technical Courses Offered to Officers

The following is a list of technology related courses that are to be offered, or have been offered to the employees of the CMPD at Training Academy Technology Lab. Each course is eight hours in length unless otherwise indicated.

  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Workstation - Orientation
  • WordPerfect 6.1 / 8.0 - Level 1, Level 2, Advanced
  • Microsoft Office 97 Suite
  • Word 97 - Level 1, Level 2, Advanced
  • Excel 97 - Level 1, Level 2, Advanced
  • PowerPoint 97 - Level 1, Level 2, Advanced
  • Access 97 - Level 1, Level 2, Advanced
  • Outlook 97 - Level 1, Level 2
  • Windows 3.11 - Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Groupwise 4.0a
  • FrontPage 97 - Level 1, Level 2, Advanced
  • Block Training on Diskeeper, InnocuLAN, WinZip
  • Filed Interview Card System
  • Cerulean Packet Cluster Patrol [Mainframe access, NCIC, 3270 Emulation]
  • Offense Reporting System [Oracle Based custom application]
  • Desktop Publishing Techniques
  • Using PowerPoint in Presentations [A combination of PowerPoint and Public Speaking]
  • Introduction to Personal Computers
  • Internet for Parents [Issues revolving around kids and the internet, open to the public]
  • Netscape - Introduction, Intermediate
  • Internet Explorer 4.01 - Introduction, Advanced High Tech Crimes
All the courses are instructor led by CMPD employee's. The Technology Training Coordinator conducts Train-the-Trainer sessions which provides the instructors with the material to deliver during the training. Each instructor has passed an intense training program prior to being authorized to instruct any technology course. This ensures the integrity of the Technology Training Team and the overall use of technology within the CMPD.