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Microchips Save Lives - Register Your Pet's Now

If your pet has been microchipped by the Animal Care & Control Division, your information is already in our database.  If you have had your pet microchipped elsewhere and would like for your contact information to be in our database so we can quickly find you we will gladly enter the information at no charge.

Online Microchip Registration

Printable Registration Form

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If you would like to get your pet microchipped, you can visit your vet or click here to see when our next microchip clinic will be. Animal Care & Control purchases their chips from Pet Link. Our microchips are $10 per microchip and include free registration into our local database AND into the national database with Pet Link.

*Have you moved to a new home? Maybe changed your cell or home phone numbers? Make sure that you let us and Pet Link know. Always keep your information up to date with both Pet Link ​and Animal Care & Control (or other local Animal Control agencies)!*

If you can't make it to our next clinic the Humane Society of Charlotte holds a low cost vaccine clinic called Critter Care Wednesdays which includes microchipping.​
Spay Neuter Charlotte also has Wednesday Wellness Services for your pets, including receiving a microchip. Check out their website for the cost and location.

Some frequently asked questions:

Is there an age minimum for a pet to receive a microchip?
     As long as they are at least 2.2 lbs, they can get a chip.

Does this microchip apply to all animals?
     Yes. We mostly chip dogs and cats but we can also do rabbits and ferrets.

How many pets can one person bring at a time?
     Bring them all to any of our scheduled microchip clinics! There's no limit.

Are the microchips a GPS system?
     No. Microchips are more like a barcode on a grocery item. Our scanners can read these chips just like a scanner in a grocery store.

Do you need to make an appointment?
     No. Just come during the next designated clinic date, location and hours to get one.

What does the $10 fee include?
     For $10 you are paying for the microchip itself, registration into our local database, and national registration through Pet Link.

How to update your microchip information:
Charlotte - Mecklenburg Police Department Animal Care & Control
To update any brand of microchip in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Animal Care & Control animal database click on this link and it will bring you directly to the microchip registration page. 
Pet Link Brand Microchips
Visit their website to find out how to register or update your information.

HomeAgain Brand Microchips
Go to their website and create a log-in name and password. You’ll be able to update your information and pet’s profile. 
AVID Brand Microchips
To change information or register a new pet call 1-800-336-2843 Extension 5.  They do not have the ability to update registration information on their website, you must call. 
AKC Brand Microchips

You can enroll your pet’s microchip through AKC CAR’s, however, there are fees that go along with that enrollment. You can enroll online, via mail or fax.
Banfield Brand Microchips
If you have a Banfield microchip, you’ll have to ask your vet for the registration information and found out what the best way is for updating your information.
24 Hour Pet Watch Microchips
Go to their website and create a log-in name and password. You’ll be able to update your information and pet’s profile.

Datamars Microchips

It's best to contact Datamars via phone but you can learn more about their services and contact them via email at their website.