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Animal Traps
‚ÄčAnimal Care & Control will lend out traps for a nuisance cat or dog by coming to the shelter between the hours of 11am and 3pm Monday through Friday. Shelter staff will help you fill out some paperwork, and you'll receive a trap along with instructions on how to use it if needed.
In order to borrow our traps you will need to present a picture ID or license for verification. If your address is different from that on your ID you will also need to bring something with you that has a current address on it (a bill, car registration, etc).
You will have up to 7 days to capture an animal.  Once the animal is captured you will be required to return the trap and the animal to the shelter.  If you need the trap again, you may take it back depending on the wait status. There will be no extensions.
If you have a nuisance issue involving groups of cats or dogs, please call 311 and ask for an officer to respond to your location. Our officers will assess the nuisance issue, which may involve the Officer supplying a trap, and removing the captured animal.  You can also purchase your own trap; when you capture an animal, call 311 for an officer to service the trap.
If a dog has been captured in a loaned trap you can call 311 for an Officer to service the trap.
AC&C will not loan out traps for wildlife as we do not respond to nuisance wildlife calls.  If you capture wildlife by accident and do not feel comfortable releasing them on your own, you can call 311 for an officer to come out and release it on your property for you. They will not impound any wildlife.
If you have an specific questions please call 311.