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Dead Animals

Charlotte residents may request collection of either pets which have died or animals which have been killed on city streets. The solid waste special services division is ready to assist you. Please remember these few helpful points:

  • Collection is made by request only; do not place any animals in your roll out container.

  • Help us to serve you better: for animals which have been killed on the roads - please have a specific location for us to respond to. An address, intersection or block number is needed.

  • City ordinance places requirements on any animal collected from homes or businesses. The animal must not weigh more than 100 pounds and MUST be placed at the curb. It is also helpful that the animal be placed in a trash bag if possible.

  • City Ordinance forbids City personnel from entering any private property to remove animals.

If your pet has passed away and you wish to bury it, you may do so as long as it is buried at least 3 feet beneath the surface of the ground and not closer than 300 feet to any flowing stream or public body of water. Large animals may also be buried, but they must be at least 4 feet below the ground surface. An owner must bury a pet within 24 hours of learning of its death.

If your pet has passed away and you would like to get them cremated or buried in a pet cemetery you can do a search for local pet crematoriums and pet cemeteries in Charlotte. There are several in Charlotte and surrounding areas. Two are listed below:
Faithful Companion 
Good Shepherd 
Be sure to look into the services as some will come to your house and pick up your pets for you.