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  Buckle or snap collars must be used as part of the tethering equipment. To make sure they fit properly, you must be able to fit two fingers between the collar and the dogs neck.
  Harnesses can be used as part of the tethering equipment rather than using a collar. The proper fit is the same rule as the collar.
  Kennels can be used rather than tethering your dog. There must be a minimum of 50 square feet per dog and allow for enough space for a dog house for each dog and water.
Puppies under 4 months of age can stay in a fenced yard or kennel but they cannot be tethered.
  Tethers must be made of metal chain that is tangle free and rust resistant. Or, they can be made of coated steel cable.
  The tether must be 10 feet in length and allow dogs a reasonable and unobstructed range of motion without the possibility of entaglement.

This includes trees, bushes, patio furniture, picnic tables, grills, ect.
  Dog trolley's can be used as a tethering system as well but they must not be taller than 7 feet.
 Tethers must have swivels on both ends.

 The swivels must be connected to the base and collar. Quick links can be used to connect the base to the swivel to the chain. Most clips already have a swivel so only a quick link would be needed to attach the chain to the swivel.
  Only one dog can be attached to a single tether and base.

No tether may be attached to a stationary object that allows dogs to come within 5 feet of any property line.
             Tethering bases must be able to handle the weight of your dog. They cannot be picnic tables, grills, tires, patio furniture, decks or porch posts.