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Animal Care & Control receives several calls every day for stray pets that have been found roaming their neighborhoods. If you find a pet there are several things you can do to help reunite them with their owner.

If you have found a stray animal:
  • If you wish to hang on to the animal and attempt to find the owner on your own you may do so BUT you MUST fill out the found report below. This report will be sent to Animal Care & Control staff and placed into our found pet book at the shelter.
  • You can call 311 to make a found report but you can also call to request an officer to come out to your home to check the animal for a microchip. It is recommended that if you can safely take the animal to the nearest Veterinarian they will be able to scan for a microchip faster than an officer can come to your home. The Vet office can also try to retrieve the owner information.
  • Flyers should be made at or at and posted in the area of which the animal was found. Fliers can also be sent to and they will be posted on the AC&C Facebook page as soon as possible. Found animal pictures can also be sent via a private facebook message or email along with contact information and where the animal was found.
  • If you have had no luck in finding the owner after 14 days you can either call 311 for an officer to pick up the animal (or bring it directly to the shelter) or you can keep or re-home the animal according to the city/county ordinance laws.
  • In some cases lost pet reports are created and sent to Facebook and our shelter. You can come to the AC&C shelter to check the lost animal reports.
  • Anyone that finds a stray animal should check AC&C’s lost pets page on the website, AC&C’s Facebook  page in the lost picture album, craigs list, and national lost/found pet websites (including the Lost Found Dogs Facebook page) to see if anyone has posted their pets in the lost sections.

 Found Pet Report