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SWAT Negotiators


The CMPD SWAT Negotiator Unit provides SWAT Command with an experienced cadre of officers trained in the art and science of hostage and crisis negotiation. SWAT Negotiators support the SWAT Mission by gathering intelligence, establishing communications, and facilitating peaceful resolution of high risk incidents through negotiation whenever possible.


SWAT Negotiators employ  the latest in communications technology designed to support the mission of hostage and crisis negotiators.


SWAT Negotiators train monthly on principles of communication, tactics of negotiation, and the use of specialized equipment.


The CMPD SWAT Negotiators are trained and equipped to provide SWAT Command with a primary resource for the resolution of a multitude of high risk events including:

  • Fugitive Apprehensions
  • Domestic Barricades
  • Hostage Situations
  • Mental Commitments
  • Terrorist Events
  • Suicide Threats






    Eleven officers including one captain, four sergeants, and six officers form the SWAT Negotiator Unit.