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S.W.A.T. Training

The team has scheduled training 28 days per year. In addition, the grenadiers receive an additional four days, ALERT team members receive six additional days and the snipers get an additional twelve days.  Team members often attend off-site training when appropriate. Most training is conducted by instructors from within the team and the unit facilitates a basic SWAT school for new team members.

Some of the topics for our monthly training may include:

  • Firearms Training
  • Woodland Movement 
  • Entry skills 
  • High-Risk Warrant Service 
  • Tubular Targets, buses, trains, aircraft 
  • Downed officer rescues 
  • Unarmed Defensive tactics 
  • Hostage negotiations 
  • Legal issues 
  • Hostage Rescue techniques 
  • Vehicle Apprehensions 
  • Chemical/Biohazard Terrorist Incidents 
  • Search & Rescue