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VCAT Training

The team has 12 primary training dates per year.  In addition, the entire team participates in relevant training schools both on and off site throughout the year.  Training is conducted by privately contracted subject matter experts, federal agents, department experts and instructors within the team.  VCAT also facilitates a Fugitive Investigations Course for both new members and interested officers from other divisions. 

Topics for monthly training include:

  • Firearms Training
  • Fugitive Manhunt Operations
  • Entry Skills
  • Perimeter Operations
  • Surveillance operations
  • High–Risk Operational Planning
  • Vehicle Takedowns
  • Downed Officer Responses
  • Unarmed Defensive Tactics
  • Barricaded Subject Operations
  • Legal Issues
  • Electronic Tracking Technologies
  • Multi-Agency Operations
  • Air-Supported Operations
  • Internet Investigations
  • Investigative Resources