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Auto Theft

Open letter from an auto theft investigator
An informative letter about auto theft in Charlotte
from an auto theft investigator.

What can you do to help?
A vehicle is stolen every 20 seconds in the United
States. Here are some prevention tips from an auto
theft investigator.

The Layered Approach to Protection
The more time a thief has to spend stealing a car, the greater the chance of detection. That's why car thieves take the easy route-- it's faster. To make your vehicle a tough target, the National Insurance Crime Bureau recommends a "Layered Approach." The more layers of protection on your vehicle, the tougher it is to steal.

What if my vehicle is stolen?
Advice from an auto theft investigator. Knowing the
steps to take if your vehicle is stolen can save you
time and aggravation.

Did you know. . .

Every day, 12 cars are stolen in Charlotte-Mecklenburg