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Highlighted Cold Case Files 2015

On a regular basis, cold cases are selected and reviewed by the Cold Case Review Team. This page contains those cases that have most recently been reviewed. The Cold Case Unit requests anyone with information regarding these cases contact a detective from the Cold Case Unit or the Cold Case Hot Line.



​Case # 20070128-030401
Victim –
Jose Lorenzo Arevalo Moreno
Age – H/M 25 years old, DOB 08/10/1981
Location – 4116 N. Tryon Street
Date of homicide – January 28, 2007

Mr. Moreno is originally from San Vicente, El Salvador. He also went by Lorenzo Arevalo and Hector. On January 28, 2007 at 0304 hours officers responded to a call of persons shot at El Vaquero (also called Millennium?) night club. One of the victims, Jose Lorenzo Arevalo Moreno was pronounced deceased by Medic. A second and third victim sustained non-lethal gunshot wounds and were transported to CMC​.


​Case # 920408239501
Victim –
John Carl Marthers
Age – W/M 32 years old, DOB 12/09/1960
Location – 400 Block of Echodale Drive
Date of homicide – April 8, 1992

John Marthers arrived in the parking lot of his apartment complex, just prior to midnight on April 8, 1992. Prior to his arrival, he had been shot, while in a borrowed vehicle at 400 Echodal Drive. At that location his car had been approached by a dark vehicle occupied by several black males. These individuals robbed and shot Mr. Marthers. After the shooting, he was able to drive back to his apartment, park the car, and enter his ​home. His wife called 911 and he was transported to CMC. He later died at 2016 hours on 04/09/92.


Case # 1991-0604-0554-00
Victim –
Wejewen Briston Byers
Age – B/M 16 years old, DOB 07/18/1974
Location – 3100 Block of Poinsett Street
Date of homicide – June 4, 1991

On the early morning hours of 6/4/1991, CMPD Officers found the bodies of Wejewen Briston Byers, age 16, and Robert Lee Cooper, age 20, lying on the street in the vicinity of the 3100 block of Poinsett Street. They were deceased from apparent gunshot wounds.


Case # 1991-0604-0554-00
Victim –
Robert Lee Cooper
Age – B/M 20 years old, DOB 08/16/1970
Location – 3100 Block of Poinsett Street
Date of homicide – June 4, 1991

On the early morning hours of 6/4/1991, CMPD Officers found the bodies of Wejewen Briston Byers, age 16, and Robert Lee Cooper, age 20, lying on the street in the vicinity of the 3100 block of Poinsett Street. They were deceased from apparent gunshot wounds.


Case # 20050812285801
Victim –
Michael Tyrone Evans
Age – B/M 39 years old, DOB 11/22/1965
Location – 3333 Freedom Drive
Date of homicide – August 12, 2005

Police called to American Coin Laundry located at 3333 Freedom Dr. at 2310 hours on August 12, 2005. Michael Tyrone Evans, Black Male, DOB: 11/22/65 was found dead, sitting in the driver’s seat of a dark gray, Chevrolet Trailblazer. A witness had heard shots and observed a cream or white-colored vehicle drive away from the victim’s vehicle. The witness and a friend went to the victim’s vehicle and observed that the victim was shot.


Case # 19810411-1400-00
Victim –
Neely Shane Smith
Age – W/F 5 years old, DOB 12/30/1975
Location – 6701 Union Road
Date of homicide – April 11, 1981

On February 18, 1981 Neely Smith was last seen playing at the apartment complex (Williamsburg-Jamestowne Apartments) where she lived. Two months later on April 11th, her remains were found 15 miles from her home at 6701 Union Road near Allen Black Road near the Mecklenburg County/Union County line.


Case # 2001-0706-1144-00
Victim –
Anthony DePaul Little
Age – B/M 20 years old, DOB 05/23/1981
Location – Intersection of Sardis Lane & Sardis Green Court
Date of homicide – July 6, 2001

On Friday, 7/6/01, around 11:44 AM Anthony DePaul Little, 20 years of age, was shot multiple times while he was in his vehicle at the intersection of Sardis Lane and Sardis Green Court. He was driving near the corner of this intersection when he was shot to death through the windshield of his car. The victim was located in his vehicle by passer-bys who called 911.


Case # 20081211183500
Victim –
Marquiese Antonio Thompson
Age – B/M 17 years old, DOB 03/28/1991
Location – 1600 Weststone Drive
Date of homicide – December 11, 2008

Shortly after 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, December 11, 2008 a witness driving through the neighborhood discovered 17 year old Marquiese Antonio Thompson lying in the street suffering from a gunshot wound. Medic arrived and transported the victim to CMC where he died the following morning.


Case # 2007-0218-012303
Victim –
Travis Montez Moore
Age – B/M 17 years old, DOB 07/20/1989
Location – 7029 Apt. A, Fernwood Drive
Date of homicide – February 18, 2007

On 2/18/07, at approximately 01:23 hours, Travis Montez Moore, 17 years old, was with a group of friends attending a young girl’s 16th birthday party at 7029 Fernwood Drive, Apartment A, Charlotte, when he was shot. The shooting took place in the living room of the party where a large crowd was dancing to music being played. Moore was taken to the hospital where he died.


Case # 20071106183202
Victim –
Oleg Rashifovic Poladov
Age – W/M 36 years old, DOB 03/29/1971
Location – 2500 Cross Point Circle
Date of homicide – November 6, 2007

A witness was arriving home and parking in front of the building at the scene. when he observed three subjects standing just inside the breezeway of the building. The witness recognized one of the subjects as the victim. The witness heard a POP sound and observed the victim walking towards his vehicle. The witness let the victim into his car while the other two subjects, one black and one white, ran away through the breezeway. The witness called 911 in route to the Hospital but Poladov was pronounced dead when they arrived.


Case # 19750502234100
Victim –
Sandra Ann McAfee
Age – B/F 21 years old, DOB 09/06/1953
Location – 2417 Double Oaks Road, Apt. A
Date of homicide – May 2, 1975

On May 2nd, 1975 at approximately 11:25PM the victim, along with Janie Elizabeth Thompson were discovered in her apartment by a relative after she failed to respond with attempts to contact her. Both victims were shot by an unknown offender.


Case # 19750502234100
Victim –
Janie Elizabeth Thompson
Age – B/F 21 years old, DOB 05/06/1953
Location – 2417 Double Oaks Road, Apt. A
Date of homicide – May 2, 1975

On May 2nd, 1975 at approximately 11:25PM the victim, along with Sandra Ann McAfee were discovered in her apartment by a relative of Sandra Ann McAfee after she failed to respond with attempts to contact her. Both victims were shot by an unknown offender.


Case # 20070828012300
Victim –
Eugene L. Blackmon
Age – B/M 30 years old, DOB 04/07/1977
Location – 618 Echodale Drive
Date of homicide – August 28, 2007

The victim, Eugene L. Blackmon, also known as “Geno” was found lying on the ground behind 618 Echodale Drive. Neighbors hearing shots and finding the victim then called 911. Mr. Blackmon appeared to be headed toward a pathway in the woods when he was shot. Medic arrived and began treating Mr. Blackmon but he was then pronounced deceased of an apparent gunshot wound. The area where Mr. Blackmon fell was near a pathway that connected to Dunbrook Lane near his residence. Several errant rounds of gunfire also struck one of the houses in the general area where the victim was murdered.


Case # 2001-0720223702
Victim –
Juan Lugo Pastor
Age – H/M 25 years old, DOB 07/21/1975
Location – 5708 Cedars East Court
Date of homicide – July 20, 2001

On 7/20/01, at approximately 10:37 PM, Juan “George” L. Pastor, and his wife, Irma Quezada, were visiting a friend, Francisco Pena at Pena’s residence, 5708 Cedars East Court, Apt. 3. Pastor, Quezada and Pena were outside Pena’s residence when three black males in dark clothing ran up on them. One suspect grabbed Quezada and knocked her down. Another grabbed Pena and struggled with him. The third took Pastor’s wallet and then shot him. Pena was also shot. The men then left the area on foot. Pena was taken to CMC and treated for his injuries but Pastor was pronounced dead at the scene.


Case # 19880114-0375-00
Victim –
Dwight Thomas Corum
Age – W/M 30 years old, DOB 03/02/1957
Location – 1612 Baxter Street
Date of homicide – January 14, 1988

Police responded to a call of shots fired at approximately 4:00 AM on Thursday January 14, 1988. The victim was found in his cab in the backyard of 1612 Baxter Street. Mr. Corum was subsequently transported to Memorial Hospital where he then died of a gunshot wound. The victim was working for Charlotte Cab Company and previously for Yellow Cab and Crown Cab.

  Case # 1990-0526-1939-00
Victim –
Franklin Anthoine Harrison
Age – B/M 18 years old, DOB 08/09/1971
Location – 4302 Raleigh Street at State Industries
Date of homicide – May 26, 1989
On May 26, 1990 at 7:30 PM police were dispatched to 4302 Raleigh Street at State Industries. Anthoine Harrison age 18, was found in the front seat of his vehicle a blue Chevrolet, Chevette hatchback. It was located at the dead end of Raleigh Street , the victim of a gunshot wound. Robbery does not appear to be a motive.

  Case # 2005-0930-1334-00
Victim –
Gregory Alfred Goodson
Age – B/M 16 years old, DOB 10/27/1988
Location – Path off 5740 Block of Simpson Road
Date of homicide – September 30, 2005
Gregory was a 16 year old North Mecklenburg High School student, previously reported missing by his family. He was found by ATV riders on a wooded path in northwest Mecklenburg County off Simpson Road. Gregory worked as a cook at Zaxby’s restaurant within walking distance of his home near W. T. Harris Boulevard and Sugar Creek road. His book bag was found on Bud Henderson Road in Huntersville, miles from where he lives, works or goes to school. His whereabouts can be accounted for up until the afternoon of Tuesday, September 27th.

  Case # 1997-1229-2049-04
Victim –
Thomas Bruce Alford
Age – B/M 21 years old, DOB 06/07/1976
Location – 4240 #5 The Plaza
Date of homicide – December 29, 1997
On Monday, December 29, 1997 the victim was at home with two witness. The victim answered a knock at the door. He opened the door and spoke briefly with the person who knocked. A moment later a black male suspect and a second black male suspect shot the victim after what witness say was an attempted robbery. Mr. Alford was transported to Carolina’s Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead.

  Case # 2006-0202-024700
Victim –
Norman Antoine Gilmore
Age – B/M 26 years old, DOB 10/22/1970
Location – 129 West Trade Street
Date of homicide – February 02,2006
On February 2, 2006 at  2:47AM Officers and Medic responded to 129 West Trade Street  in reference to a shooting of a male at that address. Upon arrival they found Norman Gilmore suffering from a gunshot wound. This was at the address in front of the Liquid Lounge night club. Medic transported Mr. Gilmore to CMC (Carolinas Medical Center) where he was pronounced dead at 3:04AM. Witnesses also report that Mr. Gilmore was talking with a black female outside the lounge shortly before the incident. He was reportly then shot by a black male who then drove off with the female in a white Jeep Cherokee.

  Case # 2006-1203-03326-00
Victim –
Alan Joseph Stevens
Age – W/M 24 years old, DOB 09/25/1982
Location – 1434 Firwood Lane, Apt. B
Date of homicide – December 03,2006
On 12/03/06 at approximately 03:25 hours the victim was at his residence with friends when there was a knock on the door. The victim opened the door and a B/M with a handgun attempted to gain entry. The victim fought with the B/M and pushed him outside. The door was shut while the victim was outside fighting with the B/M. Shots were heard and after a few minutes the door was opened and the victim was found lying just outside the doorway. The victim had been shot and the police were called.

  Case # 1995-0227-210801
Victim –
D’artanian De-Monte Counts
Age – B/M 15years old, DOB 07/02/1979
Location – Quick-N-Eze Store, 2700 Tuckaseegee Road
Date of homicide – February 27, 1995
About 9PM on Monday, February 27, 1995 the victim and two other companions were said to be at the pay phones between the Quick-N-Eze at 2700 Tuckaseege Rd. and the Pawn Shop. D’artanian was apparently called to the corner of the store where two unidentified B/Ms then opened fire striking all three. The unidentified assailants then fled on foot toward Morrison Street where they apparently got into a gold colored vehicle and drove off. The three victims were transported to the hospital where two were treated and released but D’artanian died shortly thereafter.

  Case # 2007-1227-102500
Victim –
Kellie Sulton Owens
Age – B/F 30 years old, DOB 12/12/1977
Location – 9121 Meadow Vista Road
Date of homicide – December 27, 2007
On December 27th, 2007 University Officers and Medic were called to 9121 Meadow Vista Road. Victim Kellie Sulton Owens was found in her home suffering from a gunshot wound. She was pronounced deceased by the Medic. The victims child was found in the apartment unharmed. Ms. Owens murder case remains open and unsolved. If you have any information on this case please contact Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600. Crime Stoppers offers up to $5,000.00 for information that leads to an arrest. 
Contact Lead Detective Bill Ward at 704-591-6109 for any tips or leads.

  Case # 2005-0429-204100
Victim –
Michael A. Bowers-Haynes
Age – 42 year old B/M, DOB 8/8/63
Location – 5011 Endolwood Road, Kimmerly Glenn Apartments
Date of homicide – April 29, 2005
On 04/29/2005 (Friday) night, Michael Bowers-Haynes, an African American male, age 42, also known as “Gamel”, was shot and killed at the Kimmerly Glen Apartments off Sharon Amity Road in east Charlotte. Witness observed a white van leaving the apartment complex at a high rate of speed. Anyone with information should call the Homicide Cold Case Unit at 704 336-2358 

  Case # 19900927-0901-00
Victim –
Diane Helena Miller-Marshall
Age – 31 year old B/F, DOB 8/5/59
Location – 100 Block of Sycamore St.
Date of homicide – September 27, 1990
The victim, also known as Linda Ann Dubose or Diane Helena Davis, was last seen around September 6, 7 or 8th, about 20 days before she was found. It was not unusual for the victim to go days without being seen by family or friends. Diane worked as a waitress at the K&W cafeteria. Her remains were found by a witness in a wooded area in the 100 block of Sycamore St. Anyone with information should call the Homicide Cold Case Unit at 704 336-2358 

  Case # 19861106173502
Victim –
Sandra K. Grimes
Age – 41 year old B/F, DOB 7/13/45
Location – Off 1500 Block of Merriman Avenue
Date of homicide – November 6, 1986
The victim was originally reported missing on October 22, 1986 by her son. He reported that she left her residence early afternoon on October 21st to go to the store and had not been seen since that time.  On November 6, 1986 her remains were found in the woods off the 1500 Block of Merriman Avenue and subsequently identified.  

  Case # 2004-1002-034600
Victim –
Christopher B. Allison
Age – 25 year old B/M, DOB 1/03/79
Location – 1515 Pegram Street
Date of homicide – October 2, 2004
On October 2, 2004 the victim was riding with his brother in the vicinity of the 1500 block Pegram St. An unknown person fired a shot through the rear window of the car that the victim was in. The victim was struck in the head. The victim’s brother pulled off and then called 911.  It was about 3:46 AM.  

  Case # 2008-0604-0052-01
Victim –
Jacques Rendell Timbers
Age – 18 year old B/M, DOB 7/07/89
Location – 6203 Forest Pond Drive
Date of homicide – June 4, 2008
On 6/4/08 (Sunday) at approximately 12:50 AM a call was placed to 911 reporting a shooting at 6203 Forest Pond Drive. Upon arrival at the scene Jacques Rendell Timbers, a black male, age 18 was found lying in the front yard, the victim of an apparent drive-by shooting. The murder may have stemmed from an earlier altercation the victim was involved in.  

  Case # 2007-0510-231900
Victim –
William Lamont Green
Age – 32 year old B/M, DOB 8/18/74
Location – 1144 N. Wendover Road
Date of homicide – May 10, 2007
On May 10, 2007, at approximately 11:20 pm, William Lamont Green, a 32 year old black male, died from a gunshot wound during a struggle with an assailant. The shooting occurred in the parking lot of an apartment complex located in the 1100 block of N. Wendover Road, Charlotte.  Prior to the shooting, two black males and a white female, traveling in a dark color SUV, drove into the parking lot.  The victim entered the SUV a few minutes prior to being shot.  

  Case # 1997-0809-1724-00
Victim –
Barbara Clemens Tedrick
Age – 59 year old W/M, DOB 12/01/37
Location – 839 Scaleybark Rd., Charlotte, NC 28209 (Overlook Apartments).
Date of homicide – August 9, 1997
On Saturday August 9, 1997 at about 5:20PM, the victim who had just returned from the grocery store and was carrying groceries towards her home was confronted by an unknown assailant and shot.  A witness observed a M/B/5’9 - 5’10” run away from the area.  The victim was pronounced at the scene.  

  Case # 20080112201702
Victim –
Eric Richard Byrd
Age – 21 year old B/M, DOB 02/12/86
Location – Parking Lot in front of No 7247 Lake Point Apartments, Point Lake Drive
Date of homicide – January 12, 2008
On January 12, 2008, at approximately 8:17 PM, Eric Byrd who was shot and killed and three associates who were wounded, were the apparent victims of a robbery. The four men drove to Lake Point Apartments in an attempt to buy some marijuana. One of the associates was approached by a suspect with a gun and robbed. He was then led back to the car. When the men in the car refused to give him money they were shot. Eric Byrd died at the scene.  

  Case # 1989-1006-2129-02
Victim –
David Neal McGinnis
Age – 24 year old White Male, DOB 04/19/1965
Location – 5500 Statesville Avenue
Date of homicide – October 6, 1989
On October 6, 1989 at 21:29 hrs. the victim, David N. McGinnis and friends, were walking on Statesville Avenue when a vehicle with  several occupants pulled up along-side. Some words were exchanged  and the car drove off.  The vehicle continued on Statesville Ave, turning around in a parking lot and headed back towards the group who were walking on the shoulder of the road. The vehicle drove onto the shoulder of the roadway striking David and he landed in a ditch. The vehicle continued towards the others but they were able to elude the car. The vehicle then came back onto Statesville Avenue and turned left onto Durham Lane. The victim was taken to CMC where he was pronounced dead  from a head injury as a direct result of this hit & run. The suspect vehicle was described as a four door maroon Mercury Sable with a North Carolina license plate. The witnesses were unable to identify any of the occupants of the suspect vehicle. 

  Case # 2001-1030-1846-01
Victim –
Hoang Minh Le
Age – 67 year old Asian Male, DOB 01/31/1933
Location – 3541 South I-85 Service Road, Lot 47
Date of homicide – October 30, 2001
On Tuesday, 10/30/01 at approximately 6:46 PM officers responded to the victim’s residence to check on his well being. The victim’s supervisor called police earlier stating that he had not shown up for work in two days. Responding officers entered the victim’s residence and found him deceased. He had been shot. The victim’s vehicle was also missing but subsequently located just up the street on the I-85 Service Road. 

  Case # 2004-0608-031400
Victim –
John Samuel Lee
Age – 24 year old Black Male, DOB 8/15/1979
Location – 7132 Wallace Rd.
Date of homicide – June 8, 2004
Police in responding to a 911 call for shots fired found the victim dead at the scene at Wallace Road. Earlier Mr. Lee had been at a cookout in the apartment complex.. He then went with friends to a pool hall across Independence Blvd. When they returned he went back to the apartment where the cookout took place for some food. A witness said she heard a knock on her door but no one was there, then she heard a shot. Looking outside she found the victim around the side of the building and called 911.

  Case # 2000-0121-235201
Victim –
Delacey Mwase Glover
Age – 29 year old Black Male, DOB 10/21/1970
Location – 3127 Central Avenue
Date of homicide – January 21, 2000
The victim and two friends were walking home from a birthday party around 11:30PM on January 21, 2000. They noticed a car with three or four men inside. One of those men asked the group if they had anything to smoke and they said no. One of the friends walking then heard a man in the back seat asking on a cell phone “What did the people look like who robbed you?”.  Two people then got out of the car and started shooting. The victim and his two friends started running but he was the only one struck. He died at CMC later that night.