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Open Case Investigations 2008 - 2010
2010 Open Cases

Victim: David Lorenzo White         Location: 3300 Avalon Ave
On January 22, 2010, Medic was called to an unresponsive male found lying in the grass in the 3300 block of Avalon Avenue. When police and Medic responded, they found a teenaged male that had been shot and likely the victim of a robbery. He had been shot one time in the upper portion of his body. David White was pronounced dead at the scene.
Contact Lead: Det. S. Ladd        704-336-6039

Victim: Keith Raymond Whitworth        Location: 16136 Strollaway Rd.
Two workers were dumping water in a wooded area when they located some skeletal remains. The remains were later identified as Keith Raymond Whitworth from Gastonia, North Carolina. He had been reported missing by his girlfriend after she dropped him off at a friend’s home on December 1, 2009. Friends reported seeing him on December 2, but since that date, there had been no further contact with anyone. The Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the victim death a homicide. After a lengthy multijurisdictional investigation between Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department and Gastonia police agencies, information is still needed to help make an arrest in the case.
Contact Lead: Det. M. Grande        704-336-6051

Victim: Tony Perry Alston         Location: 3216 Minnesota Rd.
On April 4, 2010, a call was received by 911 stating that someone had been shot in front of the caller’s residence. When police arrived, they found Tony Alston lying on the porch of the next door neighbor’s house. Tony Alston had apparently been shot in the doorway of the residence at 3216 Minnesota Rd. and went to a neighbor’s house seeking medical help. Tony Alston was transported to Carolina’s Medical Center where the victim later died.
Contact Lead: Det. B. Crum       704-336-8297

Victim: Reginald Lamont Leverette         Location: 2100 Catherine Simmons Ave.
Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department was called to a fight in a parking lot of a small shopping center. The call indicated that there were three males involved and one of them had a gun. By the time police arrived, they located the victim in the 2100 block of Catherine Simmons Avenue with a gunshot wound to his abdomen. The victim was transported to Carolina’s Medical Center where he later died. Witnesses state that the victim was shot by a passenger in the rear seat of a green vehicle which then sped away.
Contact Lead: Det. K. Brewington        704-336-4468

Victim: Juan Manuel Contreas         Location: 111 Eastway Drive
On May 9, 2010 officers responded to the La Zima Club located at 111 Eastway Drive in reference to one individual being shot. Witnesses stated that the victim had been involved in an altercation inside the club and was escorted outside by security. Once the victim and his friends were in the parking lot of the club, another fight began. The victim was struck multiple times during the shooting. He was pronounced deceased on the scene.
Contact Lead: Det. T. Burkard        704-336-2376

Victim: Jose Sanchez           Location: 6512 Albemarle Rd. 
Jose Enrique Sanchez, his brother, and two females had just left the Midnight Rodeo on the morning of September 19, 2010. As they were traveling inbound on Albemarle Road, a vehicle approached alongside of them and fired shots into their vehicle. Both the driver and the front seat passenger were struck by bullets. The driver, Jose Sanchez was pronounced deceased at the scene. Anyone that was traveling in the area on that night that may have witnessed the shooting or saw a vehicle fleeing the scene should contact police with their information.
Contact Lead: Det. T. Burkard        704-336-2376

Victim: Waylon Clay Williams        Location: 5300 Rozzelles Ferry Rd.
At approximately 1 AM on the morning of September 22nd, 2010 a garbage truck passed through the intersection of Rozzelles Ferry Road and Green Street and the area was clear. When the driver of the same garbage truck came back through the intersection at 2 AM, he saw the body of a white male lying motionless in the roadway. He contacted his supervisor and police were notified to respond to the scene. The victim had been wearing a black t-shirt, brown and pink shorts and black and white Starter tennis shoes. If anyone saw the victim, Waylon Williams in the area on the night of his homicide, please contact the Homicide Detective listed below.
Contact Lead: Det. E. Morales        704-336-6943

Victim: Antwan Edward Alexander Graham         Location: 1822 Jennings St. 
On October 10th, 2010, Antwan Graham had contacted several friends asking them to stop by his home. Neighbors saw a gray Ford Taurus pull up in front of the residence at approximately 10 PM. Mr. Graham’s girlfriend saw him go out the door of the residence to meet the individuals in the vehicle. Minutes later, witnesses heard several gunshots. Police responded to the scene and the victim was transported to Carolinas Medical Center where he later died from his injuries. Anyone that has information about this case is asked to contact the Homicide Detective listed below.
Contact Lead: Det. K. Brewington        704-336-4468

Victim: Roosevelt Hinton            Location: 9305 Wilkinson Blvd. 
Roosevelt Hinton was the owner and operator of the Get-A-Way Lounge located at 9305 Wilkinson Blvd. On October 28, 2010, a beer distributor arrived at the business to make a delivery and found Mr. Hinton unconscious on the floor. MEDIC was called and it was determined that he had been shot. A vehicle was seen leaving the scene just before Mr. Hinton was found. Police are still trying to locate this vehicle. It is a dark, 2 door Honda Accord with silver and black rims and low profile tires.
Contact Lead: Det. D. Osorio        704-336-5048

Victim: Richard Teach, III         Location: 619 Village Ct. 
CMPD Officers were called to 619 Village Ct. to an unresponsive male lying on the ground. When officers arrived, the victim appeared to have been run over by a vehicle. It was later determined that he had also been shot. Witnesses that heard gunshots looked out their windows and saw a dark colored truck with possible pin stripes down the sides speeding from the area. The victim, Richard Teach III was from Virginia and in the Charlotte area visiting friends. The vehicle he had been driving earlier was located several days after the homicide occurred. Any information on Mr. Teach and what he may have been doing while in the Charlotte area would be helpful to detectives. Please contact the detective listed below with any information that you may have
Contact Lead: Det. M. Grande        704-336-6051

2009 Open Cases
Victim: Hugo Alberto Teran Sanchez         Location: 210 Owen Blvd.
The victim and a friend had just returned to the victim's residence from the Gold Placios Club. They were seated in the friend's vehicle in the victim's driveway having a brief conversation when the friend noticed three Hispanic males approaching the vehicle. The suspects opened the door of the vehicle and shot the two men without saying a word. Items were taken from the victims after they had been shot.
Contact Lead: Det. B. Fitch       704-336-2313

Victim: Magdaleno Martinez-Cueyar        Location: 5539 Northstream Dr
On May 8, 2009, officers responded to a call for shots fired in the area and located two victims shot behind 5539 Northstream Dr. Both victims were transported to the hospital and Magdaleno Martinez-Cueyar was pronounced deceased. The surviving victim was outside talking on his cell phone when he saw the suspects approaching. He attempted to run to his apartment, but was shot during the process. Once he was hiding inside his apartment, he heard several more shots. Robbery is believed to have been the motive for the shooting. The suspects were described as two black males with dreadlocks.
Contact Lead: Det. N. McKee       704-336-6044         

Victim: Derrick Sharon Dixon         Location: 4525 N. Sharon Amity Rd.
The victim was driving his silver Chevy Impala and traveling southbound down N. Sharon Amity Road when witness observed that it came to a stop in the travel lanes. Motorists passing by realized that it appeared that the driver had a medical problem and called 911. When MEDIC arrived, it was realized that the victim had been shot in the head. Witnesses described seeing a green Toyota traveling at a high rate of speed leaving the area just after the shooting occurred.
Contact Lead: Det. N. McKee        704-336-6044

Victim: Yong Roo Hwang          Location: 3431 St. Vardel Lane
The victim was working alone at the business he owns called Goldeneye Trading on the evening of June 4th. His wife stopped by the business and found him unresponsive behind the counter suffering from gunshot wounds. He was pronounced deceased. Several items were taken from the victim and the motive for the shooting appeared to be robbery.
Contact Lead: Det. N. McKee        704-336-6044

Victim: Ja'Ron Kentrell McGill          Location: 4500 Colby Road
Officers were called to "a person shot" at 11:30 pm on August 2nd on Colby Road. They located Ja'Ron McGill with a gunshot wound to his abdomen. He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced deceased. He had been to his pregnant girlfriend's home and had left to walk to his own home. He was confronted along the way and shot by several suspects.
Contact Lead: Det. E. Morales         704-336-6943

Victim: Tiffany Wright & Aaliyah Wright         Location: 6700 Mallard Creek Road
Tiffany Wright was a fifteen year old student that was waiting at her bus stop at 6700 Mallard Creek Road. She was 9 months pregnant and her foster mother had walked down to the bus stop with her. Her mother realized that she had forgotten her water and walked back to their residence to retrieve it. Minutes later, when her mother returned, she found Tiffany lying in the street suffering from a gunshot wound. The victim was transported to the hospital where the baby was delivered by cesarean section before the victim was pronounced deceased. The baby survived in the hospital for a short time before also dying.
Contact Lead: Det. B. Fitch        704-336-2313

Victim: Willie Moses Walters         Location: 1009 Holland Ave. # 1
A roommate of the victim was in his room and heard a lot of commotion coming from the victim's room. After things quieted down, the roommate went to check on the victim to make sure everything was alright. The roommate saw the suspect standing over the victim yelling at him to give him the money. After the suspect also attempted to rob the roommate, he and another unseen suspect ran out the door of the home.
Contact Lead: Det. T. Burkard       704-336-2376

Victim: Koeppel Lee Hall, III & Terrell Nikko Carter           Location: 6129 Winged Elm Ct.
Independence Division officers responded to a call for service in reference to an assault with a deadly weapon. When they arrived at the apartment, they found two males deceased inside from gunshot wounds. Several neighbors in the building said that they heard sounds that may have been gunshots around 1 to 2 pm on the day of the murder, but did not call police because they thought the sounds must have been outside noise from the parking lot.
Contact Lead: Det. K. Brewington        704-336-4468

2008 Open Cases

Victim: Hugo Cesar Castro         Location: 115 E. Arrowood Rd.
The victim was found lying near a foot path between the Express Mart and the Wingate Place Apartments on January 7, 2008. Relatives stated that the victim had an altercation with someone at the apartment complex the night before and had not come home that night.
Contact Lead: Det. R. Harrington        704-336-6049

Victim: Julio Antonio Paniagua         Location: 5616 Farm Pond Ln.
The victim was observed by a security guard at Woodscape Apartment complex running down Farm Pond Ln. and looking back over his shoulder. The security guard heard several gunshots and saw the victim fall to the ground. The security guard never saw the suspect and could not give any description.
Contact Lead: Det. M. Grande        704-336-6051

Victim: Kenyon Lamont Morrison         Location: 942 Grassy Patch Ln.
On January 11, 2008, Kenyon Morrison had been staying at the residence on Grassy Patch for a couple of days and sleeping in the downstairs living area. Shots were fired which brought everyone else in the residence who had been sleeping down to the living room to investigate. They found Kenyon Morrison deceased on the living room floor.
Contact Lead: Det. E. Morales        704-336-6943

Victim: Eric Richard Byrd         Location: 7247 Point Lake Dr.
Four individuals drove over to Lake Point Apartments to visit a residence. The driver of the vehicle went to the door of the apartment and when he returned to the vehicle, he saw the suspect approaching. The suspect took his wallet at gunpoint and then forced him back to the vehicle where he attempted to rob the other occupants of the vehicle. When the victims did not respond quickly enough, the suspect began to fire into the vehicle. Eric Byrd was pronounced dead at the scene.
Contact Lead: Det. J. King        704-336-3146

Victim: Prencilia White         Location: 1415 Tom Hunter Rd. (Economy Inn)
The victim was found deceased in a hotel room by the housekeeping staff. The room appeared to be in disarray, as if there had been a struggle. Police are still seeking other people who were at the hotel that night to see if they may have seen or heard anything that may be important to the investigation.
Contact Lead: Det. N. White         704-336-6044;

Victim: Joshua Jackson         Location: 4919 Beatties Ford Rd.
Joshua Jackson was a 12- year-old child who had gone to a Sweet 16 birthday party at "Ramses Temple" located on Beatties Ford Rd. When the party ended at midnight, the partygoers started going out to the parking lot behind the establishment where there was an altercation. When gunshots started being fired in the parking lot, everyone started to run to escape the gunfire. By the time the shooting was over, the victim was found by his friends, shot in the head. They attempted to load him into a van to transport him to the hospital, but flagged down officers when they arrived on scene. Joshua Jackson was pronounced dead at the scene.
Contact Lead: Det. D. Osorio        704-336-5048

Victim: Latasha Reid Early         Location: 2006 Southwind Dr.
Latasha Reid Early was at home asleep with her four children sleeping in nearby bedrooms. It is thought that she heard a noise downstairs that made her come down from her bedroom to investigate. She was met by someone who shot her in the head. One of her children placed a call to 911 and responding officers found evidence someone had broken into the residence. The victim was transported to the hospital where she later died.
Contact Lead: Det. B. Koll        704-336-2314

Victim: Antoine Lamont Beasley         Location: 2616 Remington St.
The victim lived at a nearby residence on Remington St. Family members advised that he had left their residence only 10 to 15 minutes before the shooting. He had advised family members that someone in the neighborhood had attempted to run him over earlier in the day. The victim was found shot multiple times in a nearby driveway. He was transported to the hospital where he later died.
Contact Lead: Det. S. Ladd        704-336-6039

Victim: Cynthia Ann Firms         Location: 1200 E. 36th St.
The body of Cynthia Firms was found lying on the ground behind the Talco Express Food Mart. Homeless individuals frequent the area behind the store and it is believed that her body had likely been there for less than 24 hours. Police have spoken to many residents from the area and continue to seek information in this case.
Contact Lead: Det. M. Hefner       704-336-2341

Victims: Cherilyn Jane Crawford, William "Beau" Royster, Timothy Stone, Andrew Babyak
Location: 720 High Meadow Ln. Apt. W
Early on the morning of March 23, 2008, four victims were found murdered in an apartment at the Tree Top Apartment complex. Detectives have spoken with many of the residents at the complex and are continuing to follow up on leads. Police are still seeking any further information that can help solve these murders.
Contact Lead: Det. R. Jones         704-336-8964

Victim: Nemesio Perez Bustos         Location: 3803 Driftwood Dr.
Police responded to the El Gavilan Sports Bar after a call for service reported a man down in the parking lot. When officers arrived, they found the victim lying on the pavement beside his work van deceased from a gunshot wound. When detectives spoke to his roommate, they were advised that Mr. Bustos had gone to El Gavilan to see the bar owner and pay his rent for his residence.
Contact Lead: Det. D. Abbott        704-432-2945

Victim: Isaias Rivera-Lopez         Location: 5546 Albemarle Rd.
On April 26, 2008, Metro Special Police called 911 to say they had discovered a Hispanic male who appeared to have been shot. When police arrived, the victim was found lying beside his white and blue Ford F-150 truck in the Dollar Tree Plaza parking lot at 5546 Albemarle Rd. where the Metro Special Police had placed him after removing him from his vehicle. Police are unsure of a motive in this case. A black Ford F150 pickup was seen leaving the parking lot shortly after the gunshots were fired.
Contact Lead: Det. S. Ladd         704-336-6039

Victim: Larry Allen Broughton         Location: 5301 Equipment Dr.
On May 12, 2008, the victim was working at the Country Hearth Inn when two black males came in and attempted to commit a robbery. One of the males shot both of the clerks who were working and Mr. Broughton died from his injuries. The other clerk suffered serious injuries, but survived the shooting. A $5,000 reward has been offered by the hotel's general manager for the capture of the persons responsible for this crime.
Contact Lead: Det. R. Jones        704-336-8964

Victim: Jacques Rendell Timbers         Location: 6203 Forest Pond Dr.
On June 4, 2008, the victim was visiting a residence at 6203 Forest Pond Dr. As he was standing in the driveway with a friend, a small white truck passed by the residence and the driver fired shots striking both the victim and his friend. The friend survived while Mr. Timbers died at the scene from his injuries. Police are trying to locate the vehicle and the driver involved in the shooting.
Contact Lead: Det. D. Phillips        704-336-7690

Victim: Jeffery Bernard Boular         Location: 2311 Marlowe Ave.
On June 17, 2008, the victim was sitting on the front porch of a duplex when someone drove by and fired shots at the residence. The victim as well as a person inside the residence were struck by the gunfire. Mr. Boular died from his injuries and the other victim survived. Witnesses report the gunshots came from a red Dodge Magnum or similar vehicle during the drive-by shooting. Police are trying to identify that vehicle and its occupants.
Contact Lead: Det. T. Jolly        704-353-1751


Victim: Darrel Christopher Barringer         Location: 6001 Elgywood Ln
On the evening of June 25, 2008, Mr. Barringer was walking home after visiting a local convenience store. A subject approached him with a handgun and shot him multiple times. Mr. Barringer died on August 5 from complications of the injuries he sustained that night.
Contact Lead: Det. D. Abbott        704-432-2945

Victim: Michael Lewis Campbell, Jr.         Location: 10200 Nations Ford Rd
On July 6, the body of Michael Lewis Campbell, Jr. was found lying beside a road in Ramblewood Park. Detectives are unsure of Mr. Campbell's activities in the hours leading up to his death. Anyone with information on Mr. Campbell's whereabouts on the night of his death or any acquaintances he may have been with, please contact the lead detective with your information.
Contact Lead: Det. S. Ladd        704-336-6039
Victim: James Robert Hunt         Location: 3740 Durham Lane
On July 23, 2008, James Robert Hunt had been working on a car with a friend when he received a phone call. At that time, he returned to his residence. Several witnesses called 911 to report a man down and bleeding in the driveway of the home located at 3740 Durham Lane. Police were looking for a red Monte Carlo, but that vehicle has been located.
Contact Lead: Det. J. Sterrett        704-336-4455
Victim: Brent Raynard Weaver         Location: 188 Tyvola Dr. Apt. #2
Brent Raynard Weaver was found injured on the sidewalk in front of his apartment on September 29, 2008. His injuries were fatal and MEDIC pronounced him deceased upon their arrival. It appeared that the assault began inside the victim's apartment and then he staggered outside and collapsed where he was found by police.
Contact Lead: Det. D. Abbott        704-432-2945

Victim: Angelo McKenzy Lee         Location: 1404 Peach Park Lane
The victim was getting ready to walk his daughter to her bus stop on the morning of October 23, 2008 when two suspects came to the front door of his home. They fired several shots inside the residence that struck the victim and he died at the scene.
Contact Lead: Det. T. Hunter        704-353-1055

Victim: Jose De Jesus Munoz Zapata         Location: 5926 N. Tryon St.
The victim was at the Kalipzo Club with some friends to celebrate his 24th birthday. There was an altercation in the club and the bouncers made several groups leave the club. While the victim and his friends were in the parking lot preparing to leave, a vehicle drove by and fired shots at the vehicle the victim was sitting in. The victim was transported to the hospital where he later died as a result of his injuries.
Contact Lead: Det. M. Hefner        704-336-2341

Victim: Marquiese Antonio Thompson         Location: 1800 blk. of Weststone Dr.
The victim was found lying on the ground with a gunshot wound by a motorist passing by the intersection of Weststone and Westridge Dr. He was later pronounced deceased at the hospital. Friends that were with him earlier stated that he had left their location to walk home to get ready for basketball practice.
Contact Lead: Det. T. Hunter        704-353-1055

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