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The following will set forth the new process by which the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) will review U-Visa petitions submitted by victims or attorneys for victims, of qualifying crimes, in an effort to promote assistance and cooperation with law enforcement.

  • Starting on July 1, 2014 CMPD will begin receiving “U” Visa applications online. CMPD will implement a new procedure for processing the “U” Visa Form I-918 Supplement B. 
  • Applicants will receive one of the following replies to their email submissions:
    a.  Your petition has been received and is being processed at this time.
    b. We were unable to validate the case based on the report numbers and or information you have provided.
    c. An arrest has been made in this case and your application must be directed to the appropriate prosecuting agency,
       (i.e.  Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office)
    d. Your petition was reviewed and is available for pick up at CMPD Headquarters. You will need to sign for the petition before
        it may be released.
  • This new procedure will enable our department to streamline the system and allow for a greater accountability of applications. Once the application is received online, it will be recorded, reviewed for validation, processed, approved/disapproved then recorded for distribution back to the applicants. The applicant and/or their representative will then sign for the documents at the CMPD Headquarters, 601 East Trade Street Charlotte, NC 28202.
  • Applicants may still submit their petitions via mail or in person to CMPD Headquarters however we strongly recommend using the email process as it will expedite the review of the application. If dropping them off in person you will need to come to Police Headquarters during normal business hours. Whether by mail or in person the petition and supporting documentation will need to be placed in an envelope addressed to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department,  601 East Trade Street Charlotte, NC 28202, Community Services Bureau, Attention: U-Visa Program.
  • Qualifying Crimes include:
    - Abduction- Female Genital Mutilation- Obstruction of Justice- Slave Trade
    - Abusive Sexual Contact- Hostage- Peonage- Torture
    - Blackmail- Incest- Perjury- Trafficking
    - Domestic Violence- Involuntary Servitude- Prostitution- Unlawful Criminal Restraint
    - Extortion
    - Kidnapping- Rape- Witness Tampering
    - False Imprisonment- Manslaughter- Sexual Assault- Related Crime(s)
    - Felonious Assault- Murder- Sexual Exploitation- Robbery
    - Attempt to commit any
      of the named crimes
    - Conspiracy to commit any
      of the named crimes
    - Solicitation to commit any
      of the named crimes

  • Questions regarding the U-Visa review process may be directed to the Community Services Bureau at 704-432-2041

To start the application process, fill out the form fields below.

 U-Visa Application Request

(Include maiden name/nickname)
Form to be used by processors only: U-Visa Supplement B Form