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Donna Murrell, Community Relations Specialist
Contact information
Phone: 704-336-3056

Donna Murrell has worked with the Community Relations Committee for over 20 years and serves as Volunteer Mediator Coordinator, Police Community Relations Awards Coordinator and Supervisor. Her responsibilities include:
Volunteer Mediator Coordinator/Supervisor
  • Manages 100+ volunteers for the dispute settlement program (DSP)
  • Assists with marketing DSP and CRC services to the community
  • Keeps volunteers abreast to new training opportunities to enhance their skills
  • Schedules volunteers to handle mediation sessions
  • Handles self-referral cases for Charlotte-Mecklenburg citizens and City/County employees
  • Serves as Supervisor to assist administrative duties and process of cases
  • Assists with managing our worthless check settlement program
  • Handles calls and walk-ins of clients needing landlord-tenant assistance

Police Community Relations Awards Coordinator

  • Coordinates the annual Police Community Relations Awards Program
  • Raises funds for sponsorship of program
  • Handles all promotions and media contact
  • Coordinates interview process of police officers
  • Organizes program layout 
  • Works with City leaders for participation and support
  • Serves as staff liaison to the CRC’s Police Community Relations Subcommittee
  • Meets with community groups regarding community relations
Additional Training/Certifications
  • Basic Mediation Training
  • Notary Public
  • City Quest Leadership Program
  • City Women in Leadership Development Program
  • Fair Housing/Public Accommodations Tester
  • Victim Offender Mediation in Juvenile Justice
  • Certified Mediator with Mediation Network of NC
  • Association for Conflict Resolution
  • National Association of Professional Women