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  • Advance Your Business

The City of Charlotte Small Business Opportunity (SBO) Program assists certified Small Business Enterprises (SBEs) with growing, enhancing, and developing their business. As a benefit of SBE certification, Advance Your Business is a combination of numerous development    programs that support small businesses in organizational training, strategic development, and networking opportunities.  They include:

o    Free monthly workshops for the small business community

o    Central Piedmont Community College's (CPCC) – Small Business Center

o    Professional association sponsorship - Advance Your Business

  • Business Development Programs

 Professional Association Sponsorships

The SBO program offers partial sponsorships that will provide assistance with payment of annual membership dues for organizations that foster small business growth. Certified SBEs that do not have an existing membership with the applied for organization are eligible. Partnering associations include:

For more information, download the Professional Association Fact Sheet and Professional Association Sponsorship Application.

SBO Partnership with CPCC's - Small Business Center

To assist City certified SBEs with developing and growing their business, SBEs can enroll in free courses ($300 maximum) at CPCC's Small Business Center. 
View the current course catalog 
CPCC's Small Business Center offers support to those who want to start a small business or those who want help with an existing business. To learn more about the Institute, visit