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January 11th 2010 Agenda

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01_11_10 Agenda without attachments

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5:00 P.M. Dinner Briefing
Conference Center


1.   Mayor and Council Consent Item Questions


2.   Streetcar and Enhanced Bus Project Funding


3.   Citywide Technology Strategy Update


4.   Answers to Mayor and Council Consent Item Questions                                                                  


7:00 P.M. Awards and Recognitions
Meeting Chamber


5.   Recognition of the 60th Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift and the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall


   Consent agenda items 13 through 28 may be considered in one motion except those items removed by a Council member.  Items are removed by notifying the City Clerk before the meeting.


Public Hearing


7.    Public Hearing on Resolution to Close a Portion of West 3rd Street and a Residual Portion of South Mint Street


8.   Joint Public Hearing with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities Advisory Committee Concerning Revisions to the Water and Sewer Extension Policy




9.   City Manager's Report


10.  Small Business Strategic Plan




11.  Nominations to Boards and Commissions


12.  Mayor and Council Topics




13.  Rail Maintenance Truck


14.  Airport Electric Baggage Cart Battery Chargers


15.  Heavy Duty Trucks and Road Construction Equipment


16.  Airport Terminal Ticket Level Renovations


17.  Asphalt, Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaning Services for Utilities


18.  Water Recycle System at Franklin Water Treatment Plant


19.  Sugar Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Primary Clarifier Improvements


20.  Sidewalks and Accessible Ramps FY2010 Change Order


21.  Electronic Auction for Retired Buses


22.  Resolution of Intent to Abandon a Portion of North Myers Street


23.  Resolution of Intent to Abandon a Portion of Armory Drive


24.  Resolution of Intent to Abandon a Residual Portion of Thrift Road and Freedom Drive


25.  Refund of Property and Business Privilege License Taxes


26.  Amendment to Verizon Wireless Tower Lease


27.  Property Transactions


28.  Meeting Minutes