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March 22nd 2010 Agenda

Agenda Attachments Table of Contents - View the Agenda attachments in the Table of Contents below by selecting the number to the right of the item.  You may also still view the detailed agenda (without attachments) by clicking on the link to the right. 

03_22_10 Agenda without Attachments 

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5:00 P.M. Dinner Briefing
Conference Center


1.     Mayor & Council Consent Item Questions


2.     Business Equity Loan Program Revisions


3.     Independence Boulevard Joint Task Force


4.     Answers to Mayor and Council Consent Item Questions                                                                             


5.     Closed Session


6:30 P.M.  Citizens' Forum


     Consent agenda items 14 through 34 may be considered in one motion except those items removed by a Council member.  Items are removed by notifying the City Clerk before the meeting.




7.     City Manager's Report


8.     Business Equity Loan Program Revisions


9.     Youth Employment Programs Expansion


10.    Bull Run Road Connection




11.    Davidson Street Bus Facility's Parking Deck Construction


12.    Purchase and Repair of TASER Devices


13.    Mayor and Council Topics




14.    Resurfacing FY2010-B


15.    Tuckaseegee Road Sidewalk


16.    Dixie River Road Realignment


17.    Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Material


18.    Bioxide Chemicals for Wastewater Treatment


19.    Airport Maintenance Shop Office


20.    Airport Sewer Line Extension


21.    Utilities' Corrosion Protection Services


22.    FY2009 Water Main Rehabilitation, Renewal #1


23.    Homeland Security Training and Exercise Services


24.    Eastwoods Neighborhood Improvement Project Design Services


25.    Airfield Pavement Rehabilitation Design Contract


26.    Airport Terrazzo Maintenance Contract


27.    Transmission Line Relocation for New Runway


28.    Community Development Block Grant Project         Application


29.    Certificates of Participation


30.    In Rem Remedy


31.    Resolution of Intent to Abandon a Portion of Eveningside Drive


32.    Refund of Property Taxes


33.    Property Transactions


34.    Meeting Minutes