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The City Clerk serves City Council and is linked in a variety of ways to the Councilmembers through the following documents and information.

To learn more about the elected governing body visit the City Council website​ for pictures, bios, districts, focus and priorities, committees that councilmembers serve on, duties and responsibilities.

City Council Related Information:
- City Council Meeting Agendas
- City Council Meeting Minutes
- Council Calendar for Current Year
- Council's Address and Phone List
- Sign Up to Speak at a Council Meeting 
- Special Accommodations at Meetings
- What  Council District Do I Live In?
- Who is my Council Representative?
- City Council History 1929 to 2015

Ways to Get Information to City Council:
 - U.S. Mail (see Council's Phone and Address List)
- Telephone (see Council's Phone and Address List)
- Email (see Council's Phone and Address List)
- Delivery to Government Center, 15th Floor City Manager's Office.   

(Please contact all the City Manager's Office at 704-336-2241 to obtain the number of copies necessary for distribution.)

Note:  Correspondence sent to a Councilmember becomes public record.