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December 13th 2010 Agenda

Agenda Attachments Table of Contents - View the Agenda attachments in the Table of Contents below by selecting the number to the right of the item.  You may also still view the detailed agenda (without attachments) by clicking on the link to the right.  

12_13_10 Agenda Without Attachments

Item No.

Attachment No.


5:00 P.M. Dinner Briefing

Conference Center


1.   Mayor and Council Consent Item Questions


2.   Gang of One Grant and Re-Use of Greenville               

      Recreation Center


3.   NASCAR Hall of Fame Small Business                        

      Opportunity Report


4.   Answers to Mayor and Council Consent Item               



5.   Closed Session      



6.   Consent agenda items 18 through 49 may be considered in one motion except those items removed by a Council member.  Items are removed by notifying the City Clerk before the meeting.


Public Hearing


7.   Public Hearing to Close a 10-foot Alleyway Located off S. Mint Street





8.   City Manager’s Report


9.   2011 Federal Legislative Agenda


10.  Business Advisory Committee Charge and                  

      Structure Changes



11.  Financial Partners Review




12.  Gang of One Grant and Greenville                               

      Recreation Center Agreement



13.  Solid Waste Management Plan Amendment for the
       ReVenture Project



14.  Airport Baggage Handling Design


15.  Impediments to Fair Housing Choice 2010



16.  2011 City Council Meeting Calendar



17.  Mayor and Council Topics




18.  Aviation Painting Contract


19.  Orr Road Storage Shed



20.  Central Avenue at Eastland Mall Streetscape


21.  Pollution Prevention Measures for Central                    



22.  Police Vehicle Replacement Purchase


23.  SkyWatch Sentinel Towers Purchase


24.  U.S. Department of Justice Technology Grant


25.  Public Safety Computer Aided Dispatch


26.  2010 State Homeland Security Grant                           

      Program Grant Funds Acceptance


27.  Buffer Zone Protection Program


28.  Police Steele Creek Division Station Design


29.  Storm Water Engineering Services


30.  FY2011 Tree Planting Services


31.  Language Access Plan for HUD Programs



32.  NASCAR Hall of Fame Architectural Close-                  



33.  Taxiway D Change Order



34.  Aviation Building Systems and Maintenance                

      Services Contract


35.  Private Developer Contributions



36.  Municipal Agreement for FY2011                                 

      Metropolitan Planning Program Grant



37.  Salome Church and Mallard Creek Road                      

      Improvements Municipal Agreement



38.  Briar Creek Relief Sewer Phase II Pre Blast                 

      Surveys and Blast Monitoring


39.  Water Control Cone Valves


40.  Utilities Field Operations Hauling Services


41.  FY2007 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Contract Renewal


42.  Light Rail Vehicle Propulsion Spare Parts and Related  
       Repair Services


43.  Lynx Blue Line Overhead Catenary System 
Maintenance Vehicle


44.  Capital Projects Right of Way Acquisition and      
       Relocation Services


45.  Workers Compensation Lien Settlement


46.  Resolution of Intent to Abandon a 10-foot                   

      Alleyway Located off W. Park Avenue



47.  Refund of Business Privilege License Taxes



48.  Property Transactions


49.  Meeting Minutes