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Certificate of Occupancy Inspection Process

All new buildings, additions to existing buildings, renovations and upfits, and changes of use to an existing building require an inspection by a fire official for the purpose of obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (CO). The information provided below may be used as a guide to help you prepare for the inspection. To request an inspection, contact our office at 704-336-2101.

Certificate of Occupancy Requirements:

Certificate of Occupancy Requirements, Rev. 4-3-12.pdf.

Temporary CO Minimum Guidelines.pdf 

Fire and Life Safety System Testing:
The installation of fire suppression and life-safety systems will require that the Charlotte Fire Department inspector assigned to your project be on site during all acceptance tests.

Fire Hydrant Flow Request Form.pdf

FPB 221 Acceptance Testing of Standpipe Systems DOC.pdf

Water-Based Fire Protection System Test Release Form, rev. April 13, 2012.pdf 

Fire Inspector performing an inspection

On Site Plans:
Your inspection will require that approved plans or shop drawings are on site for reference. For shop drawings, download and submit the attached form below with your drawings.


For electronic submittal of plans, click on the following link:
In order to submit plans electronically, you must have an account established with our office. Contact Asselah Hall at 704-336-2101 for establishing your account.

Inspector Contact Link:

Fire Inspector Testing Water Flow