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Tank Installation Requirements

Plans Submittal Requirements

The installation of either below ground or above ground tanks shall require the submittal of plans to Mecklenburg County's Land Use and Environmental Services Administration (LUESA). This is necessary since several trades (building, electrical, fire, etc.) may be involved in the review process. Work shall NOT proceed on any new installation until such plans are submitted and approved by all applicable trades.

Note: Plans shall include all related tank equipment (pumps/dispensers, wiring methods, etc.).


Site Inspections

Installations will require several site visits by the area fire inspector to ensure all applicable provisions of the fire code are complied with. Once the inspection and approval process by our office is warranted, you may contact the Fire Marshal's Office at 704-336-2101 to arrange for your site inspections. The stamped approved plans shall be on site for the inspector to refer to.


Operational Permit

Once approval is granted by our office, the fire inspector will require that the user of the tanks are issued an Operational Permit by our office.


For additional information, you may access the document below, or contact the Fire Marshal's Office at 704-336-2101.


FPB 209 Tank Installation Permits and Insp. Procedures.pdf