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Recruit Training
Recruit Training lasts for a period of 26 weeks of which recruits receive entry level pay. A Training Officer is assigned to each recruit class to be a leader, mentor, and to assist with anything the recruits may need.  The Training Officer also facilitates physical fitness training for recruits which is required during the duration of recruit training. After a lengthy application process, 
which can take between 6-9 months, it would be considered a significant accomplishment to receive an appointment to the Charlotte Fire Department Training Academy.  Click here for more on Recruitment.

Recruits running

During the 26 weeks in the academy, recruits receive initial  training in at least four disciplines which include Firefighting, Rescue, Haz-Mat, and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training. Recruits receive the following certifications: NC State Firefighter I, II, Haz-Mat Operations plus, Rescue Technician, and EMT - Defibrillation.

After successfully completing recruit training, each recruit is assigned to a fire company.  As a rookie Firefighter, they will have plenty of opportunity to put their training to the test under the direction of their Fire Captain and senior firefighters. During the next several months and years to come, they will receive invaluable firefighting experience to assist them in serving the population of Charlotte.