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Completing the Personal History Packet

1. Start now!  Allow yourself plenty of time.  No extensions will be made.

2. Complete the packet YOURSELF.  It is YOUR personal history, and if you are granted an interview, YOU will be answering questions about it.

3. If we cannot read your responses on any of the forms, we cannot consider your application.  Print in black ink only, or use a typewriter.

4. You must list EVERY job you have held and EVERY residence where you have lived or stayed on your online application. 

5. If you cannot get a copy of your High School Diploma, you may submit a SEALED copy of your transcript, which indicates a date of graduation.

6. A college transcript must be submitted for all schools attended.  Request that the registrar send them to you in sealed envelopes.  Some schools consider this an "uncertified" or "student copy".  DO NOT have the school send the transcript directly to us; it will not be accepted. It must be part of the packet.

7. Even if you have never been arrested, you must include your criminal record.  It will simply certify that there is no record.  In North Carolina and most other states, you must obtain this from the Clerk of Court's office.

8. If you have read all the instructions and still don't know what to do, don't guess.  Call the recruitment office at 704-336-2979. 

9. Our selection process changes each year.  Do not rely on advice from those who have applied in past years. If you have questions, call 704-336-2979.


You are completing a Personal History Statement.  These questions are about your background, including your work history, finances, and certain things you may have done in the past.  Some of the questions are sensitive in nature.  We ask these questions and expect your complete honesty in answering them because the position of firefighter is one of public trust.  Your personal information will be safeguarded throughout this process.  If you are not prepared to answer these questions, then you do not need to consider a career as a firefighter.

 If you succeed in the selection process, the information that you give us will be discussed with you in detail.  It will also be verified by private investigators and polygraph examination.  Read the final page of the Personal History Statement before signing it.  Providing false or misleading information will result in your immediate removal from consideration.